Lathering From A Tub of Shaving Cream To The Face?


Michael writes: One of the videos that I still frequently study is your video “How to Build and Apply Traditional Shave Lather”. In that video, you show how to build lather in the palm of your hand from a soap, how to build lather in a bowl or mug from a dollop of cream and how to build lather directly to your face after swirling the tips of the bristles of your brush on a puck of soap.

Synthetic Brushes – The Maturing Market

synthetic brushes

For a while now a team of testers have been testing synthetic brushes.   The results of these tests have been displayed throughout the traditional shaving community on various forums and blogs for some time.    The discussions of these tests, threads and blogs were basically three fold in nature. The first was individual evaluations of various brushes to see if synthetics were truly a viable player in the shaving brush market. This required the testers to obtain a large number of brushes to test and review.  The testing team noted that in the past three years especially there has been enough…

A Synthetic Brushes Update and Overview – Generations

brush group

Last year Mark (Mantic), James SanSouci, Wim Bouman, Teiste Brito, and I, conducted a test of synthetic brushes.  The final results of the testing can be seen at the link HERE. In addition I developed a series of articles in which the origins and history of synthetic brushes over time.  The summary of this series (which provides links to the other sections) can be seen HERE. During the last years some additional changes and updates have occurred.    This led to an issue of how to identify synthetics against each other based on performance and fiber composition so users can have…

WSP Prince Silvertip Brush

Wet Shaving Products Prince Silvertip Shaving Brush

[Note from Mantic59: This post comes from Marty (“Fatboy513″), who emailed me his comments about the WSP brush he won and asked me to post it for him.] As the lucky recipient of one of the WSP (Wet Shaving Products) shaving brush, I felt obligated to write a review. I received the brush just before Christmas, what perfect timing! The brush I got was packaged nicely, however the box was not marked to identify which model it is. After reviewing the web site I found that I had been given a Prince silver tip (as pictured above). I must admit…

Can Circular Lathering Motions Damage A Shaving Brush?


Samut writes: I have recently been told some interesting things I am very unsure about. I have told the person that told me these things that “a credible source”, you, has stated that what the person is saying is not necessarily true. What we were talking about was how to use a shaving brush in order to minimize the amount of bristles lost, since it was a boar, and just how many bristles are lost on average. I was told that almost every brush loses an average of 100-150 bristles or hairs in the case of badgers in the first…