Lathering From A Tub of Shaving Cream To The Face?


Michael writes: One of the videos that I still frequently study is your video “How to Build and Apply Traditional Shave Lather”. In that video, you show how to build lather in the palm of your hand from a soap, how to build lather in a bowl or mug from a dollop of cream and how to build lather directly to your face after swirling the tips of the bristles of your brush on a puck of soap.

Does The Shaving Brush Matter?


If you asked me three months ago if the type of shaving brush makes an appreciable difference in the quality of my shave, I’d probably have said no.  For the dozens of shaving soaps, creams, after shave balms and splashes – not to mention razors and blades – that I’ve tried since I began this wet shaving journey in 2011, I had only used five shaving brushes until Mantic and I had a chat about this very topic.

30 Days To A More Enjoyable Shave – How To Build Lather


We are into week two of Sharpologist’s 30 Days To A More Enjoyable Shave challenge!  Last week we started the challenge with a look at shave preparation.  This week, perhaps the most enjoyable yet possibly inscrutable part of wet shaving: lather.

How To Use That New Shaving Set

shaving set with razor brush stand

So you received a fancy shaving set for a holiday gift?  That’s terrific!  There’s just one thing: you don’t know how to use it, right?  Let’s take care of that.  Here is how to use that nice shaving set.

Traditional Shaving Company Badger Brush


Traditional Shaving Company’s 100 series badger brush is a solid, middle-of-the-road brush that is another “no drama” product for me: a solid performer that uses good quality parts.  I admit that I can be kind of rough on brushes but this brush has been holding up quite nicely. It’s dropped maybe one or two hairs, pleasantly stiff without being too “scritchy,” and I haven’t had to deal with a funky smell.