Andy Tarnoff's “Best Of The Best” (Plus 3 Secret Weapons!)

Andy's shaving secrets

I’m far from an expert in the field of wet shaving, but after more than two years of trial and error – not to mention everything I’ve learned from my association with Mantic59 and Sharpologist – I’ve tried a lot of stuff.

An awful lot of stuff.

Now, I still haven’t completely conquered the razor burn on my neck, which was the main reason I started this adventure, anyway. But by experimenting with dozens of razors, creams, soaps, blades, aftershaves and brushes, I at least know what I like, and what I don’t. [Read more…]

Kell's Original hemp blend shaving soap – Bay Rum

Kell's Original - Bay Rum
Kell's Original - Bay Rum

The too long; didn’t read (tl;dr for those in the know) review of this soap would be what my girlfriend said when I gave her a sniff after lathering up: “Nice, but weak”.

The lather itself was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Kell’s Original, very very nice. It’s a reasonably thirsty soap, so be sure to use plenty of water, but what water you do use should be put to good use in creating plenty of a luxuriously thick lather, providing good cushion and glide. It also left my face feeling nice and soft and moisturized after the shave. It seems I’m a fan of hemp oil as a soap base. [Read more…]

Mama Bear Soaps – Ye Olde Barbershoppe Shave Soap

Mama Bear's "Barbershoppe"

Ye Olde Barbershoppe is a rather nice combination of woodsy and spicy scents (mostly amber and bay rum, with a bit of musk according to Mama Bear’s website). Does it smell like a barber shop? Well, I guess that depends upon the barber shop. I guess the problem is that there isn’t any real agreement on what a barber shop scent should smell like, even amongst the experts. I can say it doesn’t smell a thing like Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Shaving Shop cream. Which overall I think is a good thing, I do prefer this scent. [Read more…]