Lucky Tiger’s Success Comes From Decades of Consistent Quality

lucky tiger

In an industry where positioning a brand as retro vintage is suddenly new and trendy, Milwaukee’s Lucky Tiger doesn’t even need to even try.  Trademarked in Kansas City in 1935, the iconic men’s brand actually stretches back to a barber shop from the 1920s, when it was a very large line of tonics and hair products.  Amazingly, many of those exact same formulations exist today.

The Sub Culture of Barber Shops


You know what’s great about subcultures? Many of them highlight and rely on traditions. You can hate them, you can love them, but you cannot deny the fact that various subcultures revived so many forgotten things and brought them to a new level with a new modern twist.

Mama Bear Soaps – Ye Olde Barbershoppe Shave Soap

Mama Bear's "Barbershoppe"

Ye Olde Barbershoppe is a rather nice combination of woodsy and spicy scents (mostly amber and bay rum, with a bit of musk according to Mama Bear’s website). Does it smell like a barber shop? Well, I guess that depends upon the barber shop. I guess the problem is that there isn’t any real agreement on what a barber shop scent should smell like, even amongst the experts. I can say it doesn’t smell a thing like Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Shaving Shop cream. Which overall I think is a good thing, I do prefer this scent.

Vegas, Baby…VEGAS (Part 10)!

Me & The Missus (And The Gondolier)

Anyone who has kept track of my habits knows I’m fond of Las Vegas.  The shows, the food, the gambling…it all makes for a great (but temporary) fantasy getaway.  It also helps that my wife and I were married there.

Rediscovering My Heritage Through Shaving

Brian, His Mom, Simone, me

I am a convert to wet shaving since September, 2010.  My Dad taught me how to shave with canned foam and a DE razor.  I went electric for many years and I think my beard became tougher in middle age, which instigated my return to wet shaving. You’ve heard it before:  couldn’t get a decent shave with an electric, even with new cutters; tried cartridges again, they clogged; got sticker shock at the prices of replacement cartridges, checked out DE razors and got hooked, yadda, yadda, yadda.