Another Vegas Shave, At Canyon Ranch

palazzo las vegas

Ah, Las Vegas.  To some it’s a den of sin.  To others, a playground.  For the wife and me it’s romantic.  We were married there–no, not at some cheap drive-through chapel, but in a gondola on a (faux) canal at the Venetian hotel.  We try to make it back there once a year or so: we enjoy the food, the shows, and the (modest by most standards) gaming.  I also try to get a barber shave while we’re there.  In the past I have gotten shaves at The Art of Shaving (at Mandalay Place), the Mirage spa (by the Master Barber formerly of Truefitt and Hill), and at the Wynn resort.  This time I had a somewhat surprising shave experience at Canyon Ranch Spa in the Palazzo resort.

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A Barbershop Shave

1915 Barber Shop

Ad writes: “This week I went to a barbershop for the first time. I hadn’t shaved for a few days and I wanted to try a barbershop shave. Strange enough, it didn’t feel as “babybutt” as it does when I shave myself at hom with a DE razor. I thought: an open razor gets closer to the skin then a safety razor. I was expecting at least the same or rather a better shave then when I shave myself. But it wasn’t. I shaved myself two days later and it really felt BB. Now since it was my first time at the barbers, maybe my expectations were to high, is it about the barber’s skills, or am I just a great shaver? You’ve done this before, what’s you opinion about this?”

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A Shave – Geo F Trumper style

trumpers store front

I travel around quite a bit. I’m usually not that bothered about my appearance but there are times I like to treat myself, usually before transatlantic flights. Normally a single pass with my trusty Edwin Jagger DB89L and a fresh Astra blade is enough to keep me presentable. However there are times I wish to treat myself, and booking a shave at Geo F Trumpers in London is one of those things I like.

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