Applying Aftershave And Cologne?

TOBS Jermyn Street and D.R. Harris Windsor

Tyler writes: “I had a question regarding aftershaves and cologne that is leaving me a bit perplexed. Basically, let’s say you wanted to use a soothing, moisturizing aftershave balm, however you also wanted a little splash of your favorite cologne (or an aftershave splash). Assuming that the scents of both products mix nicely, and that I am aiming for the cologne scent to be most “dominant”, which product should be applied first?”

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The Minimalist Guide To Natural Aftershave


Basically If I can’t understand the ingredients I don’t want it. The world of aftershave has dominated my face for as long as shave soap has. I love the smell of the Classic Old Spice, but I can’t stand the burn, and my skin dries out completely. I’m not a fan of Alcohol on my face, so I tried some other aftershave creams, balms, what have you. Looking at the back of these containers left me  dumbfounded. What is Dimethicone, or Acryloydimethyl Taurate Copolymer, just to name a couple of ingredients listed on the back of the packages. Take a look and see if you understand that stuff.

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Talc, Talcum Powder And How To Use It

king talc

Wikipedia defines Talc as “a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate…. In loose form, it is the widely used substance known as talcum powder.”  Talcum powder helps cut down on friction and absorbs moisture, making it useful for keeping skin dry and helping prevent rashes. It is widely used in products like as baby powder and adult body and facial powders, as well as in a number of other consumer products.  But it’s use does not come without some contention.

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Badger After Shave Oil

badger after shave oil

Badger After Shave Oil really surprised me. I was expecting something heavy on the skin with not much skin care benefits (aside from moisturization) based on the ingredients as it is composed mainly of essential oils. I thought, “what the heck, nothing to lose may as well give it a try!” Well, let me tell you I’m sure glad I did.

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