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How To Shave Someone Else?

Taking Care

This morning my wife (an Occupational Therapist by trade) suggested an idea for a shaving video that I thought was really good: how to shave someone else.  Specifically, how to shave a family member who might be too old or disabled to shave themselves.  Sharpologist has had a similar post about this but it was more about the family connection.  This would be a video more about the “mechanics” of such a shave.

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9 Newbie Wet Shaving Mistakes You Can Avoid, Plus A Bonus Tip

Mistakes You Can Avoid

A post on Reddit’s Wicked_Edge subreddit described one new shaver’s initial experiences and mistakes he could have avoided.  He says “My first two shaves were incredible. No irritation, no nothing. So I thought ‘hey, maybe my face isnt as much of a sissy as I thought!’ So for my third shave, I went against everything I listed here (not showering first, pasty and thin lather etc) and boy did i destroy my face. It and that I’d lucky not to have both physical and emotional scars from it for the rest of my life. Confidence should be based on a LONG history of good shaves, which, two shaves, does not qualify as. Pay as much attention on every shave as you did for your best, and most careful shave.”

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