3 Tips To Spice Up Your Shaving Routine

shaving table outdoors

Have you ever wanted to spice up your shave or make your daily shave more interesting? Well, i have the solution. I love traditional traditional shaving but just wanted to spice my shave up. So, i thought of some interesting ways to make my shave more interesting. Follow these tips to get the most out of your daily shave!

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St. James Of London–Creams With A Twist

st. james of london

[UPDATE! St. James of London is offering Sharpologist readers a 15% discount on products purchased from their website!  Use coupon code Sharpshave at checkout.]

I’ve mentioned St. James of London shaving creams on Sharpologist a couple times now, including getting listed in the “best shaving creams” list.  They are one of several new shaving cream brands on the market that are cut from the cloth of the old-line British shaving establishments.  But St. James is unique in that it is an established brand that has resurfaced with a twist.

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Method Shaving Without The Cost, Mess, Or Drama?

I got an email the other day from a new wet shaver who was curious about Method Shaving.  I’m not going to get into the relative merits of how Method Shaving is presented and sold–there is so much passion on both sides of the coin that it becomes a no-win argument.  But rather than diving head-first into Method shaving, let me suggest you try a simplified version using a couple of the key concepts.  Method shaving products are kind of like a “deconstructed” meal put together by a chef, so you may be able to accomplish something very similar with “regular” traditional wet shaving products.  This is not an “approved” variation (though it is similar to an earlier incarnation)–I may get into a bit of trouble from both sides of the debate for these suggestions!

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Is This The Only Full List Of Merkur DE Razors?

merkur razors

I was browsing through my shave den the other day and thought to myself, “gee, I have a lot of Merkur razors.”  I decided to research it a little more thoroughly and as it turns out there are a lot more Merkur razors in production out there–but I’ve never seen the full list in one place!  Individual retailers all seem to carry only a portion of the line.  And unlike the Edwin Jagger line that basically uses a single head with many handles, Merkur razors come in a variety of forms: two piece, three piece, adjustable, open comb, safety bar, long handle, chrome, gold tone,  etc.  So here is my (hopefully complete!) list of Merkur razors.

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