Merkur Progress Modifications

Progress Mods

I make no secret of the fact that the Merkur Progress is my favorite razor.  I can “fine tune” my shave depending on variables like the brand of blade I’m using, the quality of the shave lather that day, or even the season.  I also find it useful when I’m testing other products.  But the general agreement is that the Progress is an “ugly duckling” in the looks department.  Luckily there are some variations and modifications available that can help turn that ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

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Cleaning A Blade?


Eran writes: “I use Crystal blade.  I was wondering how do I rinse and clean them after each shave. Do you have an article or video about it?
Also, on the paper wrapping each blade piece it says not to shake but just to rinse and let dry – what does it mean?
Also, how much force should I put when shaving in a 30 to 45 degrees angle?”

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Oh, the Chinese Razors I’ve Known! (A Romantic Comedy)

chinese sign

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m a frugal shaver. I love the idea of getting good value, and, in the last year, I have been sucked in by the low-risk proposition of buying Chinese-made razors, with the potential to get a real bargain, a real steal – sort of a penny-wise, pound-foolish flim-flam. Not surprisingly, it looked like I was destined to be unlucky in my lovelorn quest for cheap-but-good shaving implements. Then something changed. My story with Chinese-made razors became a boy-meets-razor, boy-quits-razor (over and over), and then, finally razor-hooks-boy tale.

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