Oh, the Chinese Razors I’ve Known! (A Romantic Comedy)

chinese sign

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m a frugal shaver. I love the idea of getting good value, and, in the last year, I have been sucked in by the low-risk proposition of buying Chinese-made razors, with the potential to get a real bargain, a real steal – sort of a penny-wise, pound-foolish flim-flam. Not surprisingly, it looked like I was destined to be unlucky in my lovelorn quest for cheap-but-good shaving implements. Then something changed. My story with Chinese-made razors became a boy-meets-razor, boy-quits-razor (over and over), and then, finally razor-hooks-boy tale.

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Can A Sub-$20 Shave Brush Do The Job?

inexpensive shaving brushes

A while back I recommended some “good deal” shaving brushes.  The gang on Reddit’s Wet_Shavers board, an experienced but surly bunch, took me to task over some of my choices.  So I challenged them: “OK, what would you suggest?”  I promised to take their most popular suggestions, buy them myself and try them long enough to get a good impression of them, and report back.  Here is the list and my experiences with the brushes.

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Are Wet Shaving Subscription Boxes For You?

shave select

Shaving subscription boxes seem to becoming a “thing” these days.  At first they were more of a replentishment program first introduced by companies like Raz*War, made popular by Dollar Shave Club, and refined by companies like Bevel.  Then an offshoot appeared, providing sample products more closely targeted to the traditional wet shaving market.  Let’s take a look at some of those offshoots.

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St. James Of London–Creams With A Twist

st. james of london

[UPDATE! St. James of London is offering Sharpologist readers a 15% discount on products purchased from their website!  Use coupon code Sharpshave at checkout.]

I’ve mentioned St. James of London shaving creams on Sharpologist a couple times now, including getting listed in the “best shaving creams” list.  They are one of several new shaving cream brands on the market that are cut from the cloth of the old-line British shaving establishments.  But St. James is unique in that it is an established brand that has resurfaced with a twist.

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