Merkur 40 “Barrel Handle” Razor

merkur 40

A short while back I wrote an article about Merkur’s line of DE razors.  Most of them have been around for ages, with lots of information and reviews available with a simple search engine query.  A few are relatively new though.  One of the new breed, the Merkur 40, is an odd-looking razor with hardly any reviews available.  I think it’s time to give the ’40 some love, particularly if you happen to fall into some specific circumstances.

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Oh, the Chinese Razors I’ve Known! (A Romantic Comedy)

chinese sign

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m a frugal shaver. I love the idea of getting good value, and, in the last year, I have been sucked in by the low-risk proposition of buying Chinese-made razors, with the potential to get a real bargain, a real steal – sort of a penny-wise, pound-foolish flim-flam. Not surprisingly, it looked like I was destined to be unlucky in my lovelorn quest for cheap-but-good shaving implements. Then something changed. My story with Chinese-made razors became a boy-meets-razor, boy-quits-razor (over and over), and then, finally razor-hooks-boy tale.

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Can A Sub-$20 Shave Brush Do The Job?

inexpensive shaving brushes

A while back I recommended some “good deal” shaving brushes.  The gang on Reddit’s Wet_Shavers board, an experienced but surly bunch, took me to task over some of my choices.  So I challenged them: “OK, what would you suggest?”  I promised to take their most popular suggestions, buy them myself and try them long enough to get a good impression of them, and report back.  Here is the list and my experiences with the brushes.

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Are Wet Shaving Subscription Boxes For You?

shave select

Shaving subscription boxes seem to becoming a “thing” these days.  At first they were more of a replentishment program first introduced by companies like Raz*War, made popular by Dollar Shave Club, and refined by companies like Bevel.  Then an offshoot appeared, providing sample products more closely targeted to the traditional wet shaving market.  Let’s take a look at some of those offshoots.

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