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merkur 34c

Due to its popularity, the Merkur 34C has several names, including the HD, the Heavy Duty, and the Heavy Classic.

 merkur 23c

The Merkur 23C (AKA 180) is one of Merkur’s best selling double edge razors.

 edwin jagger de89

The Edwin Jagger DE89lbl (and its close sibling the DE89L) is one of the most popular double edge razors on the market today.

 parker 99r

The Parker 99R is a heavy duty, "twist to open" razor regarded as a fairly mild shaver and an excellent value.

feather as-d2

The Feather All Stainless razor is the original modern "luxury" double edge razor.  It is regarded as a very mild shaver.

merkur 37c

The Merkur 37C "Slant Bar" razor torques the blade so it cuts hair at more of an angle that "straight on" double edge razors.

astra blades

Astra Blades are a popular. "middle of the road" double edge razor blade and also a good value.

feather blades

Feather Blades have a reputation of being extremely "sharp" and very high performance.