Interesting Shaving Links This Week

I would like to publicize some really good shaving-related links I've seen very recently: How To Store Your Straight Razor (Why I Wet Shave) What Is Triple Milled Soap And Is It Better? (Soaper|shaver) The Big Three (razor) Design Factors … [Read More]

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What Is The Best Pre-Shave Face Wash?

Pre-shave oils get a lot of the buzz these days, and there are some good ones, but it is too easy to use them as a crutch for proper shave preparation.  Cleaning and hydrating the skin properly before shaving is an essential part of a good shave in … [Read More]

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What Is The Best DE Razor?

[UPDATED February, 2015!] "What is the best double edge safety razor?" I get the question all the time.  Unfortunately there's no easy answer.  … [Read More]