cr1000 head mode

Cobra Razors CR1000 Head/Face Razor

Sharpologist has covered head shaving before so I thought Cobra Razor's CR1000 might be interesting to look at as well.  It has a unique pivoted "tail" handle that can be set one way to shave the head, and the other way to shave the face. … [Read More...]

brush hold

How To Hold A Shave Brush?

My last post about the Escali shaving brush reminded me of a technique I use to get a little better performance out of any brush.  I generally advocate that you hold a shaving brush by the base of the bristles.  Do you have to hold it by the base? … [Read More]

escali shave brush

Thinking Of An Escali Brush? Try This Instead

The Escali badger hair shaving brush is consistently one of the most popular products of new wet shavers considering upgrading their routine.  I see it on Sharpologist's own "Popular Products" list and on Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together" lists.  … [Read More]

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