Shave Your Dome With Sir Hare Oil

sir hare

I was skeptical: I’ve made my own oil once ended up throwing most of it away. Whatever they’ve done with this formula, Sir Hare has figured it out.

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13 Questions For Stan Hickam Of Above The Tie

stan hickam


When Stan Hickam is not busy designing and building stainless steel razors and systems, he manages to find time for other pursuits.  For one thing, he completely renovated the ancestral log home of his wife’s family. The project was so well done that the home—built in 1783—now occupies a place in the National Register of Historic Places.  Stan has a full-time job in addition to running Above The Tie: he has worked as a Radiographer for a “Level One” trauma center for the past thirty years. On top of his regular duties, he designed radiographic rooms for the hospital as well as a suite for their outpatient imaging center.

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After The Shave: Bond. James Bond

little nellie

Required Viewing: James Bond (Primer Magazine)

The James Bond Shower (Art of Manliness)

How To Train Like James Bond (The Telegraph)

The James Bond Guide To Ultimate Confidence (Dumb Little Man)


What Is The Best Shaving Soap?

shaving soap

It seems like the old-school shaving world has been buried in soaps lately. It used to be easy to tell which were the great ones and which ones left something to be desired.  But now that they are everywhere how can you tell good from bad?  Let’s take a look at what goes into a good shaving soap and see which ones come out ahead of the others.

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