Top Resources for Ladies Shaving

ladies shaving

Wet-shaving has been a growing trend in men’s grooming for the past decade, but for women the movement is just beginning. For anyone who is already enjoying the hobby, you know the awesome benefits and amazing variety of options. It’s better for your skin, the environment, your bottom line, and quite honestly, it’s more fun! For those just getting started, information for ladies shaving can seem hard to find.

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After The Shave – Hair Cuts

barber shop

How To Pick A Barber (Art Of Manliness)

Hairstyles For Men’s Haircuts (Gentleman’s Gazzette)

How To Talk To Your Barber

This Brave Man Insists On A Haircut In Every Port (Yahoo) 


Showing Them How Its Done

shaving another

I love being obsessed. I love being obsessed with video games, lacrosse, computer programming, bowling, 3D printing, slacklining, wet shaving, what ever it may be. As long as there’s enough information readily available on the subject, I will dive into it headfirst with no forethought of an escape route. I love the high of always having something on my mind, always having something to look forward to and to learn more about. When I’m not immediately obsessing over something, I often find myself looking for new things to adore, browsing the internet or scouring bookstores for some spark that I can ignite into a fire of excitement. This type of personality combined with an acquisitive (not inquisitive) personality tends to be wondrously disastrous. I have relics of my past obsessions scattered around my house, but each one represents a wonderful moment of elation that I cherish so dearly (no, I’m not a hoarder.)

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What Is The Best Shaving Cream?

best shaving cream

[UPDATED September, 2014!]

What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.

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