Effects Of Sugar On The Skin


Most people today know antioxidants to be an effective method of fighting age, but few are aware of the biological process underlying for most skin damage – and what directly addresses the problem, says skin-care expert Ron Cummings.  “The word that has been on the minds of dermatologists and other skin-care researchers for many years is glycation, which is what happens on the cellular level to age our skin,” says Cummings, founder and CEO of AminoGenesis Skin Care, (www.aminogenesis.com). 

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The Beach: A RazoRock-HTGAM Collaboration

synergy razorock beach

Douglas at How To Grow A Moustache and Joseph at Italian Barber have collaborated for an unusual shaving soap: Synergy/RazoRock “The beach.”  It’s a shaving soap that smells like, well, the beach!

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Aside: FlexBall


FlexBall. Image Credit: Wall Street Journal


Good Wall Street Journal article (normally behind a paywall but THIS LINK appears to be open) about Proctor and Gamble’s Gillette brand about to announce a new Fusion cartridge-based razor, the “FlexBall.”  The company will be formally announcing the razor on April 29.

Some interesting quotes from the article:

P&G Chief Executive A.G. Lafley said  “Many have wondered if it’s possible to keep improving premium razors, trading consumers up,” he said, adding that it is “not only possible, but also coming soon.”


“Today’s consumer remains challenged, making it more difficult to translate new technologies into higher prices,” said Stephen Powers, an analyst at UBS Investment Research.

According to the article, Gillette plans to start shipping the FlexBall on June 9, timing it around Father’s Day.

Aside: ForestBare


A new wet shaving vendor launches today, Forestbare. They are offering an exclusive to Sharpologist readers, 10% off purchases: use coupon sharpologist at checkout. The wet shaving market continues to expand!

What Is The Best Shaving Soap?

shaving soap

It seems like the old-school shaving world has been buried in soaps lately. It used to be easy to tell which were the great ones and which ones left something to be desired.  But now that they are everywhere how can you tell good from bad?  Let’s take a look at what goes into a good shaving soap and see which ones come out ahead of the others.

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