How To Not Choose The Wrong Cologne


Darwin believed that us humans produce two types of smells: defensive and attractive. When scientists delved into the topic of exactly what makes our nose tick for attraction, they came up with no exact answers. We do know that scents, both natural and unnatural, have profound effects on mood, but there are no studies that prove why these reactions exist. For now, science abandons us to figure out this whole scent thing out on our own.

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5 Ways to Combat an Oily Face

oil pump

There’s nothing worse than having an oily face and no, I’m not talking about a telltale manly forehead smudge after you’ve spent an hour under your ‘68 Corvette…  I’m talking about the stuff that your skin naturally produces, largely to protect itself from the elements.  But sometimes our skin doesn’t adapt well, and can produce far more oil than is helpful, which is a darn quick way to have some nasty acne issues.  Here are 5 methods to combat this complexion conundrum so that you can ensure the only visible oil on your face comes from under that gorgeous V8 engine in your Corvette.

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Shaving and Problem Skin

problem skin

Shaving is a rite of passage for most men, but unfortunately, most of us never actually learn how to do it properly. Sure, we can watch our fathers, older brothers, and other male relatives, but all we are going to learn is their way of shaving; and, unless they’re barbers, it’s probably going to be the wrong way. If you have problem skin, then shaving is even more problematic because a blade shave can actually make your skin problem worse, at which point your options are to shave with an electric razor, or not shave at all.  Below are some common skin problems, as well as tips for how to shave with a blade, without ripping up your skin.

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Debunking–Or Not–6 Skincare Myths


Some myths are older than our great grandmothers and some seem to have arisen from new technology and skincare products. Whatever the origin, they can derail our best intentions when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. We asked La Jolla, California dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart to  confirm or debunk skincare myths.

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