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[Updated, March 2015!!] Sharpologist is proud to announce its first “product.”  It is a 51 page ebook, “30 Days To A More Enjoyable Shave.”

You are probably unhappy with some aspect of your shave.  Maybe you’re prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Or you get lots of nicks and cuts.  Or you’re unhappy with the cost of razor cartridges.  How would you like to consider shaving as a pleasant diversion rather than a painful chore?  I’ve written this guide to show you how to not only get a better shave, but also to get a more enjoyable shave!  Then be sure to follow Sharpologist for more great content on shaving, grooming, and even some “guy stuff.”

Enjoy Your Shave Ebook Contents

Here is the table of contents:


  • “Homework” For The Shave Prep Challenge


  • Cleansing and Rinsing
  • What About Pre-Shave Oils?
  • Homework For The Shave Lather Challenge
  • Mantic59’s Lather Recommendations
  • The Single Most Important Item For An Enjoyable Shave? How To Buy A Shaving Brush
  • Mantic59’s “Best” Shaving Brushes
  • A Note About Natural Hair Shaving Brushes


  • The Mysteries Of Shave Lather
  • Before You Lather
  • Using “Canned Goo” (Products From Pressurized Cans)
  • Using Brushless Cream Or Gel (From A Squeeze Tube)
  • Using Lathering Cream Or Soap Applied With A Brush
  • The Lathering Process
  • “Classic” Lather
  • “Creamy” Lather
  • Whatever Method You Try
  • Some Tips If You Are Having Trouble
  • “Superlather”
  • “Uberlather”
  • Distilled Water
  • Homework For The Shave Technique Challenge
  • Cartridge Razors?
  • So Which Is Best?
  • Double Edge Razors?
  • Mantic59’s “Best” DE Razors
  • A Further Caution To The Beginner: Blades
  • Extending Blade or Cartridge Life
  • Straight Razors?
  • Straight Razor Basics
  • Buying A Straight Razor
  • What About Replaceable Blade Straight Razors?
  • What About “Kamisori” Razors?


  • Essential Razor Technique #1: The Importance Of “Grain”
  • Essential Razor Technique #2: Reduction By Passes
  • Essential Razor Technique #3: No Pressure
  • Essential Razor Technique #4: Proper Blade Angle
  • Essential Razor Technique #5: A Sharp Blade Or Cartridge
  • Putting It All Together
  • Finishing
  • Shaving With A Straight Razor
  • Stropping
  • Shaving
  • After Shaving
  • Homework For After The Shave Challenge
  • “Aftershaves”
  • “Good” vs. “Bad” Ingredients


  • After The Shave
  • Oops!
  • Spot Treatments
  • Full Face Treatments
  • Applying Aftershave Products


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  1. James says

    I too signed up but after waiting 12 hours I still haven’t received the eBook. I received the subscription confirmation, but no eBook. Could you please send me a copy? Thanks! -James

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