Shaving In A Short Time?


Eric writes: “I have a bit of a ‘shaving dilemma’ and wanted to ask Mantic for some advice. I have about 20 minutes to shave in the mornings and I usually shave 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I find that I have time for a few minutes of hot water splashed on the face, a 2- pass shave and post shave cool water/aftershave balm. “I have been using a Merkur safety razor for my shaves but find that it’s not particularly close, especially on the neck area, I actually switched to a Gillette Fusion a few weeks ago and get…



This article is not a sponsored post.  I am just a fan of Proraso–both the products and the company.

The Shave – Curated Links For 9 March


Bevel Is A Product That Should Exist (Techcrunch) Gazette Business Editor Gets A Cut-Throat Shave (Basingstock Gazette) Do You Need To Shave – Flowchart (College Humor) Top Straight Razor Shaves In Las Vegas (CBS Local) Traditional Straight-Razor Shaving Faces A Resurgence (Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel) — With Sharpologist reference!

The Shave And Prep In Surgery


I am writing this as a wet shaver and a general surgeon with an interest in history. Surgeons split off from barbers, the original shavers, to follow armies at war, thus learning the management of wounds. As late as the Renaissance, surgeons were referred to as Mister, while the “ doctors” ministered as priests, never touching blood. It was only the drainage of an abscess by a French surgeon on a Royal’s Buttock, that elevated European surgeons to the title of Doctor. To this day, as a rejection of all things French, British surgeons are still referred to as Mister!

Sharpologist’s First Ebook – And It’s Free


Sharpologist is proud to announce its first “product.”  It is a 42 page ebook compilation of the recent “Get A More Enjoyable Shave In 30 Days” series, with lots of additional content.