After The Shave: Shoes


Understanding Shoe Construction (Primer Magazine) Shoe Care 101 (Art of Manliness) Matching Dress Shoes With Suites (Real Men Real Style)  

After The Shave – Opera

sydny opera house

A Brief History of Opera (Gentleman’s Gazette) Living Opera Organ (Fast Company) How To Appreciate Opera (Entertain Me Or Else) My Heart Opens At The Sound Of Your Voice (Tales Of Goodstone Wood) Revisiting The Chinese Opera (The Borneo Post)

The Aftershave – How To Play…


… Chess ( … Corn Hole ( … Golf (Golf Digest) … Backgammon ( … Dominoes ( … UNO ( … Pool (Primer)        

The Aftershave – Dressing Right


The Herd Mentality In Men’s Fashion (Real Men Real Style) Suits and Correct Posture (Raoul Pop) Dressing For Your Body Shape (Fashionbeans) A Guide To Blazers (The Compass) Hallmarks Of A Quality Shirt (Gentleman’s Gazette) 5 Ways To Wear A White Button-Down Shirt (The Effortless Gent) How To Make A Bow Tie With A Regular Tie (The Compass – Black Lapel) How To Fold A Jacket For Travel (Blue Claw) Effortless Style vs. Indifference (Primer Magazine) Tips On How To Get A Good Fit (Men Style Fashion)  

The Aftershave – New Dad Advice

father son barbershop

  Knockout Shave Shares A Photo Of His Son (Above) Pregnancy Survival Guide For New Dads (Primer Magazine) How To Stay Productive While Caring For A New Baby (Lifehacker) Anger Does Not Demonstrate Parenting Authority (Choose Help) The Rewards Of Parenting Come Later In Life (Manbuilders) The Best Fatherhood Advice–From Comedians (Esquire)