Fragrance 101; or “What exactly is a top note anyways?”

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I never used to be one to fret too much about how I smelled, as long as it wasn’t “stinky”. I used to only have a single bottle of aftershave, which I used infrequently at best. And then I got into wetshaving, and realized that a lot of the soaps and creams that I thought were so wonderful had corresponding colognes and aftershaves. When I figured out that I could smell like Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street soap all day? Yes please!

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Shampoo


How much time do we really spend on choosing the best shampoo for our hair? Apparently not much at all based on this funny graph I found on Facebook. And, for good reason! I mean, how interested are we really about getting the right shine, bounce, or texture for our hair? Usually it’s all about the right smell, at the right price! Realistically speaking, for most of us, we really don’t see a need to hunt for a specific type of shampoo unless we notice something wrong with our hair or scalp. That being said, here’s a breakdown of the differences for if and when you see the need to…

The Face Shape Guide

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Have you ever noticed that one man can look great with a goatee and shaved head, while someone else can try the same look with less than favorable results? Well this all stems from the many different face shapes we all have. Face shapes can help determine the best hat or glasses to wear, and the same is true for facial hair and styling.

SPF Moisturizers for Men

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The dog-days of Summer are in full effect and that means you have to remember to pack sunscreen, right?? Right! But how do we handle our sunscreen needs on our “normal” days? You know, the 9-5 part of our lives? Our faces can always use an SPF-upgraded moisturizer but when it comes these warmer months that becomes even more important! So here is a list of SPF moisturizers that I’ve put together as strong considerations for you this summer. Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 by Kyoku Facial Fuel SPF 15 Sunscreen by Kiehl’s  Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15 by Lab Series Face Balm…

Moisturizers – How they work, and why they’re different!

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By Dr. Josh Zeichner For Men’s Life Today Knowing how moisturizers work can help you select the best one for your individual skin needs. In general, moisturizers are products that improve the function of the skin barrier. They usually contain ingredients that help increase the amount of water in the skin. Here are three categories that moisturizing ingredients may fall into: Emollients: molecules that hydrate the skin. Examples include oils or lipids, such as petrolatum or dimethicone.  (Products like: Eucerin, Intensive Moisture Balance by Dermalogica and Cetaphil) Humectants: molecules that attract water to the skin surface from deep in the skin and from the environment and that may also hydrate the skin….