Savoring shaving software (and more): May, 2014


My test lab – aka my bathroom – has gotten more crowded lately with new products to try. The good news is that if a vendor is bold enough to send a sample to Sharpologist for review, he’s already pretty confident that his product is great. And I’m more than happy to be the beneficiary of such quality booty.  Here’s what I’ve been playing with this spring:

Lucky Tiger’s Success Comes From Decades of Consistent Quality

lucky tiger

In an industry where positioning a brand as retro vintage is suddenly new and trendy, Milwaukee’s Lucky Tiger doesn’t even need to even try.  Trademarked in Kansas City in 1935, the iconic men’s brand actually stretches back to a barber shop from the 1920s, when it was a very large line of tonics and hair products.  Amazingly, many of those exact same formulations exist today.

Does The Shaving Brush Matter?


If you asked me three months ago if the type of shaving brush makes an appreciable difference in the quality of my shave, I’d probably have said no.  For the dozens of shaving soaps, creams, after shave balms and splashes – not to mention razors and blades – that I’ve tried since I began this wet shaving journey in 2011, I had only used five shaving brushes until Mantic and I had a chat about this very topic.

In Defense Of The Evening Shave

night shave

I like wet shaving. I wouldn’t be Mantic’s partner in Sharpologist if I didn’t.  But I also like sleep, and I don’t get enough of it. I time my morning alarm to the minute, so I can cram in every last second of sleep before arriving at work the moment I need to.  Not surprisingly, this messes with the relaxation of a morning shave. Sure, I could get up earlier so I could enjoy the ritual, but the reality is that even three years into this journey, I still fight razor burn on my neck, and if I rush, it’s…

Cabo Diablo Tequila

cabo diablo tequila

I drink coffee pretty much every day. I love it, but only black. Add any flavor to it and I’m not interested. I certainly don’t drink tequila every day, but I do enjoy it, and only straight. So I found myself conflicted when Cabo Wabo sent over a bottle of its new Cabo Diablo coffee-tequila mashup. Honestly, mixing roasted coffee, vanilla and chocolate with blue agave tequila didn’t sound good. I was wrong. Very wrong. When chilled in the freezer (you know it’s ready when the label reveals a surprise), this stuff is great. We tasted it in the office…