Pipe Smoking: An Age Old Tradition


One of the things this site is known for is men’s style and grooming. Also, last year someone posted an article on cigar smoking. While cigar smoking is a good way to enjoy tobacco, I personally prefer a good old fashioned pipe. I like to keep my hobbies as cheap as possible, so for the most part I prefer a corn cob pipe, made by Missouri Meerschaum. Why that particular brand? Quality. It’s not something you find very much these days. And while they are $10 or less, like that famous French pocketknife, they are well made. Most sites or…

Learning to Shave


I remember when I was 14, and my face was covered in peach fuzz. My father, while finding it comical, decided it was time to teach me to shave. At first, he showed me how to use an electric razor. Let’s be honest here, peach fuzz doesn’t take much effort to remove. After a month, by beard began to come in thicker (and thicker since. Three shaves is the most I get out of a blade). So, my father taught me the traditional wetshave. It was a great experience, as I felt like I was taking part in an age-old…

Old School Hair Products


Typically, if you’re clean-cut and well-dressed, you’re more or less expected to have a neat part as well. Since we cover shaving on this website, we don’t really cover many other aspects of grooming. I mean, you’ve got to have a swagger to go with the shave, right? So, in doing so, I started checking out some of the hair products for men from my grandfather’s era. They have some good, some okay and some not so good. The best thing about all of these, however, is that not a single was close to $10.

The Moustache Style Guide


I know most readers, and contributors, to this website are clean shaven, but I prefer the Frank Zappa look I currently have. A moustache, although only worn on the upper lip, can be styled in a significant number of ways. Several men of note throughout history have had their upper lip adorned with this style of facial hair. And, if you had an uncle like mine, you never saw him without his moustache. When you did, it was just odd.

Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Lather

Jack Black Supreme

A review for another Jack Black product, this cream is again an all-natural, vegan product. The tub it comes in says you can use it either with a brush or brushless, so of course I used a brush. It contains Macadamia Nut Oil, Soybean Oil, and Glycerin for a close yet comfortable shave. It’s fragrance free, which is good if you’re sensitive to certain smells. At first lather, it didn’t seem to be lathering very well. I discovered my Escali brush was a tad dry, and after a literal drop of water, it created a luxurious lather. Now, I only…