6 Coate's Superior Shaving Creams, A Multi-scent Review

About a decade ago, Coate’s Brushes Ltd was purchased by the famed brush-maker Simpson, who eventually stopped production of those branded brushes as well as the creams they were making, and sold off the brand. Someone re-started the brand up in 2010, however producing a different (and more limited) line-up than the original scents available.

That having been said, there’s a lot of people who think that those original formulations were very much so underrated in their time. In fact, our host Mantic is on record saying that their Tea Tree cream is (or at least was, in 2006) one of his favourite shaving creams.

But recently a fellow redditor stumbled across a place that was had boxes and boxes of stock of the stuff. So he decided to do us all a favour and let us see what the fuss was about (also being sold via Shave My Face). Mind you, it looks like he’s running low on stock, so you might want to hurry.

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Prairie Creations: Douceur de Cando – 'Lick me all over' scented

While their products had come rather highly recommended, I had held off on placing an order with Prairie Creations for quite some time, largely due to the fact that they don’t allow for orders outside of the US to be placed through their main website, requiring you to place it by e-mail instead. But, when I decided to do so, the proprietor Krissy was extremely helpful, and quick to respond.

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Country Heart Soap – Gingered Peach shaving soap

Unlike most of the shaving soaps I review, this one isn’t based upon a recommendation from someone else. I stumbled across Country Heart Soap while doing a bit of searching on etsy, and I’m rather glad I did.

The samples I got from them all smelled quite nice, and all seemed to be reasonably strongly scented as well, as I’m sure anyone who’s been following my reviews knows I prefer.

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