After The Shave: Shoes


Understanding Shoe Construction (Primer Magazine) Shoe Care 101 (Art of Manliness) Matching Dress Shoes With Suites (Real Men Real Style)  

After The Shave – Men’s Wearhouse National Suite Drive


I guess this is a free plug for the Men’s Wearhouse but I think it’s a worthwhile cause.  They’re running their 7th annual National Suit Drive through the end of July.  A nationwide charitable campaign, it encourages consumers across the nation to donate gently worn business attire to their local Men’s Wearhouse retail stores in effort to help men get back on their feet.  Over 180 local partnering organizations will be accepting the donations that provide training and skill development to unemployed men in the U.S.  Consumers that donate items will receive a 50% coupon off their next purchase at Men’s…

The New Crop Of Open Comb Razors

venus flytrap

Open comb razors seem to be enjoying a modest little resurgence recently, with several new models coming onto the market.  Here is a little background on open comb razors and a look at some new models.

How To Shave When Traveling

travel luggage

Shaving while traveling is all about compromise. Maybe you can’t take your regular shaving kit because it’s size, or its weight, or it’s cost. But even if you can take your regular kit you still may not get the same results on the road because of environmental changes. Let’s take a look at some shaving products specifically made for travel, along with strategies for getting a good shave when you’re not at home.

What Is The Best Razor Blade


What is the best razor blade?  It is not as easy an answer as you may think.  I have been researching razor blades over the past few months, even using a scanning electron microscope to look at blade edges, and have come to realize there are a number of variables that come into play with deciding on what is “best.”  Even though I have been looking at double edge (DE) blades I think my comments should apply to any razor/blade combination, including blade cartridges (Fusion, Mach3, Dollar Shave Club, etc).