Synthetic Fiber Shave Brush Trends

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Two years ago, I was member of a group of wet shavers who wanted to look at the new crop of synthetic brushes entering the marketplace. We wanted to see if there were significant changes from the synths we had used in prior years.  This article will not recap our work, but rather look at the growth of interest in synthetic brushes. None of us claim that our work changed attitudes—only that changes have occurred since our project began.

An Interview with Stan Hickam, President of Above The Tie (ATT)

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I recently had the pleasure of purchasing an ATT 7-Piece Stainless Steel Razor System from Above The Tie, a new product from a very young company. This Tennessee-based firm designs, engineers and manufactures its razors locally using U.S. labor and U.S. steel. Prior to buying the ATT system, I purchased my first stainless steel razor from them. Their Titan H1 demonstrated to me that the company’s close attention to manufacturing detail and quality control showed that they are producing high-grade razors capable of competing successfully with manufacturers of top-notch razors worldwide. I was so impressed with the Titan that I…

Above The Tie 7-Piece Stainless Steel Razor System

ATT 7-pc system

The Above The Tie (ATT) razor system is a new product from a very young company. This Tennessee-based firm designs, engineers and manufactures its razors locally using U.S. steel and U.S. labor. My recent experience with their Titan model demonstrated to me the company’s close attention to manufacturing detail and quality control showed me that they are capable of producing high-quality razors that are competitive with manufacturers worldwide. The Above The Tie 7-piece stainless steel razor system is beautifully made, and its quality is readily apparent on first sight and touch. It has a fine satin-matte finish and surprising heft for its…

Interview with Christian Müller, General Manager of Mühle

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When I took up wet shaving seriously several years ago, I was astonished at the number of razors, blades, soaps/creams and brushes that were available. I spent weeks reading and learning about them before making any purchases. My research into brushes was the most confusing for me. I knew nothing about brush knots or lofts, or whether badgers were better than boars. What I did know was that I did not want a synthetic brush. The reviews I read about them at the time were not encouraging.

The New “Breed” Of Synthetic Badger Hair Shave Brushes (Part 1)

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[Forward from Mantic59:] Back in March Jim SanSouci contacted me with an idea.  He wanted to examine how far synthetic hair shaving brushes have come.  Historically, synthetic hair shaving brushes seemed to be relegated to the forgotten end of the brush totem pole.  They were seen as an “adequate” alternative to animal hair brushes for those who had allergy or animal-cruelty concerns, and they dried very quickly which was good for a “travel” brush.  But the general consensus was that they just didn’t perform as well as animal  hair brushes. For a long time there was not much activity in this area–there…