Country Uncle Deluxe Shaving Soap

country uncle shave soap

Country Uncle shave soap is the “house brand” of, a wet shaving retailer in Texas.  I got a puck if their Deluxe shave soap a while back and noticed that it kind of looked familiar.  Looking at the container I saw the familiar Van Der Hagen (VDH) logo on the bottom.

The Country Uncle – Van Der Hagen Connection?

I contacted Amazing Shaving and asked them about it.  Brian with Amazing Shaving replied that yes, Country Uncle Deluxe shave soap is made for them by VDH.  However it has a slightly different “recipe” than VDH Deluxe, including lanolin and aloe vera.

Subjectively I can say that the two do appear to be different to me.  Country Uncle Deluxe lathers more quickly and luxuriously in my hard water than VDH Deluxe.  The scent is a bit different too: extremely mild (almost non-existent to my notoriously poor sense of smell) with a sort of powdery/soapy note.  It is also hypoallergenic.

Performance of Country Uncle Deluxe is very good for me.  As I mentioned earlier the lather is not only luxurious but it also gives me fine lubrication and cushioning as well.  All in all, quite a good value at under $4 per puck!

Shaving Soap – Country Uncle Deluxe

Amazing Shaving also carries a number of value-priced products for the wet shaver including razors, brushes, and toiletries.

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  1. Mark Silver says

    Nice to see another vendor located here in Texas. Will try them out soon to how fast the get to South East Texas.

  2. Larry says

    Lanolin is washes off the fleece post shearing. Although the sheep are not technically hurt by the process, many vegans object to it anyway since it is felt by them to be a by product of an “evil” industry. It is an animal product, strictly speaking.

  3. The Dean says

    Pretty good prices (with at least one exception) at Amazing Shaving. But the site navigation has some problems.

    One question regarding Country Uncle. Can a soap with lanolin be considered “hypoallergenic”? It certainly wouldn’t be free of animal products, as stated in the description.

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