Britain’s Best Barber Shave

Bluebeard’s Revenge (Dreadnought in North America) recently sponsored a contest to find the best barber shave in Britain.  Here is a video of the event:



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  1. “Speedshaving”, is never a good idea. I don’t care how good you are.

  2. The audio was flaky on the computer i viewed it from, but it looked like the judges inspected the faces of each of the shavees to assess the quality of the shave (looked like they were looking for irritation and smoothness). They should have something like this is North america, it would be a great way to further increase the visibility of wet shaving.

    Haven’t tried the Dreadnought products yet, I’m almost due for a new tub of cream, so we’ll see how experimental I’m feeling when I hit the shop.

  3. Interesting. Did I miss how exactly they judged it?

  4. Dreadnought is one of my favorate products, performance-wise. I wouldn’t mind if the scent was more pronounced.

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