West Coast Shaving Announces Shaving Value Guide


West Coast Shaving today launches it’s Shaving Value Guide.  Buying and selling shaving products is common for those trying to find their “perfect” shave.  The West Coast Shaving Value Guide was developed to fill the need for credible values for used products.  Sharpologist is pleased to be the first site to announce this new resource.

How Does The Shaving Value Guide Work?

The true value of a used product is dependent on the buyer and seller agreeing on a price for an item. Every transaction will be different for a variety of reasons, but using enough transaction data will ultimately reveal a general value if obtained through an unbiased and auction-based source.  There is no larger source of this data than eBay. West Coast Shaving have licensed historical sales data from eBay and can compile individual sales to build a market value range.  The algorithm will continue to be refined to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date values.

All data are from actual, completed eBay sale: listings which do not result in a completed sale are not included. Only sales of used items are counted as this is a market value guide for used items. New prices are already established and easily found at the retail level.  The data is manually confirmed to ensure accuracy of specific items and to remove “outliers” which would skew the data (such as of sales listings of multiple items, incorrect item descriptions, and obvious functional damage). These “outlier” transactions may be recalculated automatically in future revisions of the Guide.  Transactions with extreme sales prices are not removed, but may be in the future if deemed reasonable.  Value ranges are re-calculated weekly and limited to the last 90 days to ensure the value range is up-to-date.

Current Limitations To The Shaving Value Guide

  • Initially the Guide will be limited to used razors only.  As the Guide matures other products may be added, with vintage items being the priority.
  • “Buy-it-now” auctions are included but the results may have been different if they were carried out in a traditional auction setting. As this is an agreed upon sales price, the price is considered valid.
  • Some rare and vintage items are not sold frequently resulting in insufficient data to predict an accurate value range. These calculated values are still presented along with the total number of data points. If you see a low number of transactions, keep in mind the values are only rough estimates.
  • A fair price can only be determined when the buyer and seller agree on a price for a particular item. Do not assume all sellers or buyers hold this value guide as the ultimate source to setting a price. There are many factors which can affect price that cannot fully be accounted for by our algorithms. However, the ranges presented are a fair and accurate representation of what similar products are selling for in the world of used wet shaving.
  • Condition is an extremely important aspect of determining the value of a product. Mint condition items will generally sell at the higher end of the range, while beat-up items on the lower end. Vintage items have a much larger range of condition due to their age and often have a larger corresponding value range.
  • A number of new representation-of-value methods will roll out soon, including a historical view as well as more insight into the current value range.

Give It A Try!

Give the Shaving Value Guide a try and be sure to leave a comment here with your experiences, questions, and comments!

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    Thanks for the feature Mark. Looking forward to hearing feedback. We have a lot of ideas going forward, but would love to incorporate ideas/features/modifications we haven’t thought about.

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