Holiday Gifts?


Now that the holiday gift-giving season is behind us, what shaving-related goodies did you get?  Do you have any questions on how to use a particular product?  Post them here!


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  1. Shawn says

    The lovely wife got me a Merkur 34G. After an awesome 2 hours chatting with Charles Roberts at Enchanté in November, she also told me to get the Hydrolast starter kit. And I am delighted with both. :)

  2. says

    Geo. f. trumper extract of limes aftershave. Great as you put it on, really refreshing, but – and I say this with regret – lasts about half an hour. You’d have to shower in this stuff for anyone to know you were wearing it an hour after you’d finished. It’s a great scent, too, which is frustrating.

  3. Rejean Duval says

    Geo. F. Trumper’s violet shaving cream :) – first try, and love it ; Dr. Harris & Co. Arlington, after shave ;)- another first try and enjoy it.
    Happy new year!

  4. Bert says

    Santa brought me an Above The Tie 5 piece Atlas set with an R1, R2 & M1 combo, 100 yellow Gillette 7 o’clock blades, 100 Astra blades and a bar of Arko!

      • Bert says

        I have been using the 7 o’clock yellow Gillettes and they work wonderful with any of the plates. I will let you know how Astras work. Unfortunately, as you have already talked about, my Derbys have gone down in quality and have left a lot to be desired with ATT and my vintage Gillettes! Sad!

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