How To Use That New Shaving Set

shaving setSo you received a fancy shaving set for a holiday gift?  That’s terrific!  There’s just one thing: you don’t know how to use it, right?  Let’s take care of that.  Here is how to use that nice shaving set.

Shaving Set Contents

Your new shaving set no doubt has a brush, a razor, perhaps a stand, and hopefully some kind of shaving soap or cream.  Some may also have a pre-shave oil included as well.  Let’s take a look at each piece and show how it works.

The Brush And Soap/Cream

The first item in your shaving set is a brush.  A shaving brush may be the most effective tool for shaving, perhaps more important than the razor!  A shaving brush can gently clean out tiny bits of debris from the skin and apply shaving lather much more thoroughly and effectively compared to just rubbing it in with your fingers.  Here’s a video that explains how to load and apply lather with a shaving brush:

You will want to take care of your brush.  Here is where the “decorative” stand can actually come in handy.  There is not much to it but a little preventative maintenance will go a long way:

You may have received some pre-shave oil.  You would use this before applying lather.  However, pre-shave oils may not work very well for some people, so maybe just a good, thorough beard preparation is the way to go:

The Razor

The next part of your shaving set is a razor.  You received a manual razor of some kind.  If it is cartridge razor like a Mach3 or Fusion you probably already know how to use it (though perhaps not properly!).  Here is a video to review:

If you have been using a cartridge razor and you received a double edge (DE) razor, you may be entering new territory!  Don’t get discouraged if your first few shaves are not as good as you are used to.  You may have to “unlearn” some bad habits (particularly putting pressure on the razor) and learn (or re-learn) some simple skills to be successful at DE shaving.    Here is another video you might find useful:

If you received a straight razor you may be in for a challenge!  If you don’t know anything about straight razors, here’s an introduction:

So there are the basics.  Be sure to keep reading Sharpologist and join the legions of people who have changed shaving from an annoying–even painful!–chore into a pleasant diversion.

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