Climbing Mount Fuji: Mantic59's Kamisori Razor Journey (Part 1)


I have been curious about Japanese-style (“Kamisori”) straight razors ever since Jim Rion’s Sharpologist article a couple years ago.  To me it seemed like kamisori razors were better suited for shaving yourself, compared to the western-style folding straight razors (which to me seemed like they were better for shaving someone else rather than shaving yourself).  Unfortunately Japanese-style straight razors are difficult to find in the west.  So when I had an opportunity to purchase a “KIYA Ichogake Kamisori Straight Razor,” for a reasonable price I decided to buy.

When I received the razor I was initially struck by it’s unusual, simple beauty:

KIYA Ichogake Kamisori Straight Razor

Unfortunately, on first use it became obvious it was not shave ready (despite being “factory sharpened”).  I was a little disappointed but not really surprised.  Not to worry, a Sharpologist advertiser, Straight Razor Designs, offers a razor sharpening service by Lynn Abrams that I have used before (Classic Shaving also offers a straight razor sharpening service).  After checking with Lynn by email to make sure he could sharpen the asymmetrical blade style of a Japanese razor, I sent it off.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Simcon says

    Wow, such a teaser for article :p, I expected something juicy and enlightening… All I ended up was a massive cliffhanger until next week ;).

  2. waltz says

    I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…

  3. says

    It is very interesting to read about your experience with the Kamisori. I would love to shave with one of these! However, I have absolutely no idea on how to hone one!

  4. says

    I’ve had the pleasure of honing several Kiya Kamisori (the last one at the SRP meet in Long Island) and find them to be a great value. They are easy to hone and held their edge very well.

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