Hanz de Fuko line of hair products

hanz de fukoExclusive to Birchbox.com, I hadn’t heard of the San Francisco-based Hanz de Fuko line of men’s stuff until they sent me three hair products to review.  I’m glad I do now, because their products are pretty unique. Here’s my takeaway:

Hanz de Fuko

Sponge wax: This is one of the more unusual styling products I’ve used in my hair, and when my mop is at its shortest, it’s one of my favorites. It has a squishy feel and a great, light scent, but doesn’t overpower my hair and make it look like I’m using any product at all. With a matte finish, it coerces my hair to behave like it should (if that makes sense). As my hair grows out, I find that it works less well, but at $17.50 for a jar, Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax is an absolute keeper.
QuicksandI’ve never seen anything like this product. You know how your hair feels after a day at the beach? That’s what Quicksand does. It dries, absorbs and mattes, and literally leaves your hair feeling like it has sand in it. Almost a little dirty. That sounds like a bad thing, but it isn’t. It adds body and an edginess that my thinning scalp hasn’t felt in a long time. You can even use it as a dry shampoo if you don’t wash your hair every day.  This isn’t a product I use all the time; something I’d consider for more of a “going out,” messy look, but I like it. Also $17.50.
Modify Pomade: With my thinning hair, I don’t really want to look shiny, but that’s exactly what Modify offers. It’s surprisingly lightweight, not-at-all-greasy and offers a lot of creativity and texturing opportunities, especially when dry. Right before I get a haircut, this stuff is at its very best. And it smells great. $17.50.
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  1. Chris Fisher says

    I’ve been using this line for some time now and enjoy most of what I have purchased. There recently launched Claymation product is fantastic and the best of their offering in my opinion. In fact Claymation is likely the best styling product (my hair is baby fine, limp, lifeless) I’ve encountered in a long time. Highly recommended!!!

  2. Scott says

    Been using HDF styling products for a few years now. Absolutely the best line I’ve ever tried. They just came out with a new one called Claymation. It has the hold and volume enhancing effect of the Quicksand but doesn’t dry out the hair or absorb the moisture. It pairs perfectly with the Modify Pomade. Highly recommend these guys and their products as they also provide excellent customer service and always send out samples of other stuff when you order a can of something. Top notch!

  3. OldManDon says

    These products sound super. If I were 20 (make that 30) years younger I’d be apt to try them. But, as an old far . . . mer, a little Alberto VO5 after showering works great for my tired old gray hair.
    Kudos on the write up though Andy. Thanks.

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