Twenty Jeans Shirts shirts

L.A. Based premium denim company Twenty Jeans has a good thing going for it: high-end men’s clothes at reasonable prices, all online with an easy-to-use eCommerce Web site. They caught my eye with their pitch for their $40 Oxford button-down shirt to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but they kept me intrigued with the two other gorgeous chambray shirts they sent over – that I actually like even better.

I’m certainly confident enough to wear their pink offering, and its thick cotton hand has a nice, luxe feel, but I get weirded out by button-down collars these days (but co-worker Nick looked dashing in it). I loved the other two shirts, also $40: a dark blue denim one and a light blue, light-weight counterpart. Both fit excellently and are true to size. As advertised, they look and feel far nicer than their price tag would imply.

Now, I want to try their jeans.

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