Mantic59’s New Razor Blade Search Begins


It’s a sad sight: an empty bulk box of razor blades.  Like most everyone who gets into double edge shaving, I tried a number of blade brands (and if you haven’t, you should!) and found a favorite.  In my case they were the Israeli-made Personna “blue label” blades.  I bought a box of 100 off of the ‘Bay a few years ago and I finally ran out of them recently.  Unfortunately I discovered they were not available anymore, at least in that form.  Supposedly the Crystal brand is the same thing but I have decided that maybe it is time to revisit blades to see if I can discover a new favorite(s).  So, with the help of John at West Coast Shaving (the original “blade sampler guy!”), I’ll be looking at how about 15 different brands of razor blades perform for me.


I’m going to tackle finding a new blade in a new way I hope you will find interesting.  Since blades seem to perform differently with different razors (which makes sense, since razor specifications may have different blade exposures) I will be testing with three different razors: a Merkur Heavy Duty (HD/24C), because they’re so enormously popular; a Parker 92R, because it is a good entry level “value” razor; and a Merkur Progress adjustable razor, since that is my own person favorite razor and I know it’s characteristics very well.  I will put a new blade of the same brand in each razor and shave at least three days with each.  I will periodically post my observations with the blade/razor pair here on Sharpologist.

A Blade Close Up

Coincidentally, I recently got access to a scanning electron microscope:


I will be looking at blades when they are new and after I have used them to see if I can correlate any visual characteristics of a blade to the shave it gives me and will include that in the evaluation post.

I had my first session with the scanning electron microscope recently. The operator and I “got our bearings” by just looking at a couple samples, one of my last  Israeli-made Personna’s and a Studio blade from Walgreens (I believe made by Dorco).  Here is a side shot of the Personna blade edge:

personna blade

And here’s a shot of the Studio blade:

studio dorco blade

Visually, they’re very different.  But will that correlate to the shave?  I’m going to find out.

Some of you may be wondering about variations within blades of the same brand.  I was concerned too, but after viewing this video on how blades are made I think I can be reasonably confident of the consistancy within each brand:

Brands I will be looking at:

  • 7 o’ Clock “Yellow”
  • Astra “Blue”
  • Astra “Green”
  • Crystal
  • Derby
  • Feather
  • Merkur
  • Personna “Blue”
  • Personna “Lab Blue”
  • Personna “Red”
  • Polsilver “Super Iridium
  • Polsilver (Brown)
  • Studio
  • SuperMax
  • Wilkinson (US)


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  1. rsilvers says

    You have Personna Blue and Lab blue as two different blades. I am only aware of one type of Personna in the blue box. There is no such blade as the “lab blue” as far as I know – it is just a term that some people call the Persona blue by. Can you please post a link to each blade being sold somewhere?

    • says

      I am adding some additional content and views from the scanning electron microscope. It has taken a little more time than I anticipated. I hope to have something ready by early May.

      • Scott says

        It’s July 12,2014. Any updates? My battery’s almost dead, keyboard flashing in and out so have to stop searching. Been at this since September 11, 2013?

        • says

          As a matter of fact I have my final session at the scanning electron microscope next week! Final/summary article to follow shortly thereafter.

          • Scott says

            This is indeed good news. Timing is perfect as I’m not always online and just happened to follow through today. Thanks, Mark! I’ll be sure to check it out using my PC instead of this finicky phone. √

          • Neil K. says

            Hey Mantic! Are you almost done?! Please I beg of you I’ve been waiting sooo long and I have been holding off my ordering of new razors just waiting for this!


  2. walter says

    Hello Mantic !
    If you like maybe you could test also the “bic chrome platinum” blades.
    I get very good shaves with a cheap price.
    Maybe you could explain by your analysis how they get this possible.

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