Turn Back the Clock with ZIRH Platinum

zirhDo you remember the first time you looked at in the mirror and realized you weren’t a kid anymore?

I don’t, although at age 39, it’s been sneaking up on me for a few years now. The creases in my forehead don’t go away when I stop squinting. The lines around my eyes – particularly the right one, that’s the side on which I sleep – show more mileage these days.

And I don’t like it.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve dabbled with some moderately priced products, mostly serums and creams and face washes designed to ease away the lines. I haven’t noticed huge results, but when ZIRH sent me four products from its Platinum lines, the kid gloves came off.

Guess what? The stuff works, but it comes at a steep price tag. There are seven products in this dermatologist-grade line, but I stuck to two gel-serums and two creams. Three of these list for $125 each, while the Repair gel – which had the most dramatic effects for me – weighs in at $145. So if you use all four, you’re in for $520 worth of men’s skin care. That is an awful lot of money to keep looking young and handsome. (OK, young, anyway.)

It’s also an awful lot of commitment. For several months now, I’ve used the Repair gel in the morning, followed by the Age Defense cream. Before bed, I’ve used the PM Rescue Serum, followed by the Drenched moisturizer. On days that I use all four products, I most certainly see a difference in my face. On days that I use just the Repair gel and the PM Rescue, I see more than a subtle difference. On my face, all four products sting just a little, but even with my sensitive skin, not enough to stop using them.

If I continue to use all the products every day, my face certainly looks younger. More like early 30s than late 30s, and the results were almost immediate. If I’m lazy and I stop for a long weekend, the results tend to fade, and if I go a whole week, they are almost gone. So it seems Platinum only works when you use it, but given how concentrated the products are, each container will last many, many months. Probably well over a year. It doesn’t take much.

I could get into the anti-oxidant protection against free radicals or how the tightening effects works from a chemical standpoint, but if you’re like me, you don’t especially care. You just don’t want to look old.

ZIRH Platinum won’t turn you back to a teenager, but it will turn back the clock at least a little if used regularly. At least it did for me.  Alongside a decent under-eye treatment (I haven’t tried the Platinum Revive eye complex), you’ll see results.

Is that worth several hundred dollars in skincare products? For me, absolutely. I plan on fighting aging, kicking and screaming, as long as I can.

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  1. Ted Pettinicchi (TAP119 on B & B) says

    I intend to age more or less gracefully; I already have suitcases under my eyes and my meager hair is half gray.

    However, the eye repair product is of interest to me. I would have to first get past the cost and then overcome my disdain for Zirh products. My SWMBO bought me Zirh shave cream and it was unusable for me. I tried it and had to wash it off and lather with Proraso. I’d have gotten a smoother shave with only water.

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