ZIRH Gets Back in the Fragrance Game

ZIRH didn’t have much convincing to do when they sent me their newly reissued mens’ colognes. Corduroy, which has been discontinued for some time, was launched in 2006 and was the first fragrance that I loved as an adult, and when it was still available at places like TJ Maxx, it was dirt cheap. A tremendous, tremendous value.

Now that ZIRH is back in the cologne game, I’ve had the chance to sample three of their four scents. Each is pretty great, but not surprisingly, Corduroy remains my top pick.

Corduroy Eau de Toilette: It’s a little hard to pin down why this is such a great fragrance. I think it’s the nutmeg, cardamom and suede that contrasts so nicely with the bitter grapefruit top note. I barely get the aqua accord, which is a good thing – it needs to be just this subtle to work. Others have compared Corduroy to Armani Code and Bulgari Black, and I smell that, but I like Corduroy much better, especially in the fall. Warm and woody, I still love this stuff, even as I’ve developed a nose for much more expensive colognes.

Classic Eau de Toilette: Heading in the other direction is ZIRH’s signature scent. Cool and clean, it’s a nice summer frag. I like the citrus and pepper top notes, as well as the Siamese ginger that mellows into cedar and patchouli. This is a very work-friendly, inoffensive daytime cologne that doesn’t last an eternity on the skin – and sometimes that’s a good thing.

Ikon Eau de Toilette: This is the one of the trio that I probably wouldn’t buy, not because it doesn’t smell good, but because I’m pretty picky about wearing scents that match my mood. This one has a lot of silage and projection, and is a touch heavy for me. Bold and sophisticated, I get a spicy lavender smell from Ikon, even though that’s not in the pyramid. Rather, we’re talking about labdanum, black cinnamon, liquid amber, vetiver and a host of other heavy, heady notes that should give you an idea of what it smells like. Very, very rich and elegant.

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