"The Beast" Rages On? The Muhle R41 Gets A Tweak

Muhle has apparently tweaked the design of their R41 razor that is nicknamed “The Beast” due to its aggressiveness that was causing problems for many, including myself.  The end result is reportedly still aggressive but less harsh than the previous incarnation of the R41.  I just bought a “new” R41 to compare the two.

The top plate on the head has been widened to 20.2mm from 18.8mm, decreasing blade exposure

I first tried a shave using the R41 with my bog-standard, middle-of-the-road blade, an “Israeli Personna” (AKA Crystal brand), a blade that I use quite often.  I found the razor still very aggressive and I had to be careful of pressure and angle, but I was able to go against the grain without blood (though I did have a small patch of redness in the right side of my chin).

I gathered my courage and for the next shave I tried a high performance blade, an “old style” Iridium, a few of which I still have lying around (I find them as sharp as a Feather but smoother on my face).  I had to be even more careful with blade angle and pressure, but I was able to get a three-pass shave without the bloodshed I endured with the previous version (I did get a tiny nick on my upper lip though).

The “new” Muhle R41 razor is still very aggressive. “The Beast” may be caged, though not necessarily tamed.

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  1. says

    Mark im desperately in search of the muhle r41 2011 version would be happy with head only any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, ur only one with credibility imo.

  2. Andrew says

    Well. I’ve always been a bit of a thrill seeker and have been hearing a lot of buzz about the aggressiveness of the Muhle R41..so I decided to buy on and try for myself.

    I tried the approach like a regular DE I have been using, but on pass 2 (ATG), I really started to feel some discomfort on my skin.
    After rinsing off and applying balm, I felt this burning sensation for the rest of the day on my face.

    Now I was using the 30 degrees blade angle and don’t believe I was applying any pressure…but would like peoples thoughts on whether my technique needs to change to make this work for me?

    It obviously does not perform like your average DE.

  3. Phillip Screwdriver says

    I’ve got an “old” 2011 aggressive R41 and love it. It took awhile to really learn how to use it (after using a 1967 Gillette), but it is very close to my straight razor shaves. It is my go-to daily shaver, especially when I’m in a relative hurry and can only get by with one pass.

    Sounds like the new version is a good compromise between too aggressive and not enough.

  4. Lloyd says

    Hi. The more I look into steep vs shallow angles, the more variables people seem to consider when describing it and contracdicting figures come along. When you say you used a more shallow angle with this razor, that means the end of the blade oposite to the end touching your face is? A. Closer to you skin or B. Further away from your skin? Thanks!

  5. Rejean D. says

    This is really a beautiful razor. Be gentle with it otherwise it will leave some traces. Aggressive razor but when you find the good angle, you’ll be happy with because it does a pretty good job. Remember, let the razor do what it’s meant for. It will soon be one if my favorite.

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