What Should My Next Videos Be About?

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve done some shaving videos.  I think I finally have a handle on the new video equipment I’m using so it’s back to my bathroom studio!  Right now I’m working on:

  • Holding a Shaving Brush For Better Performance and Control
  • Stropping a Straight Razor
  • Finding Wet Shaving Products Locally
  • Loading and Applying Traditional Shaving Lather (this is a high-definition update of a previous video, with some things added).

What else would you like me to work on?  I’m taking requests!


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  1. Hi Mark, did you once say you were going to do a video on shaving products made in the UK?

  2. Shave Dude says:

    I think shaving in a New York taxi on the way to the airport would be a YouTube smash! As an added bonus, take shots of Yager between every 5th pass. “Dueling Banjos” would be the perfect soundtrack for this.

  3. Perhaps a ‘Common mistakes keeping you away from that great shave’ video. Based on my own experiences learning wet-shaving mistakes such as:
    * Being afraid of using, or taking as gospel, the prescribed amount of product. Go for a decent-sized blob of cream and load that brush heavily with soap.
    * Proper prep. Perhaps do an audio example of shaving poorly-prepped stubble vs softened stubble.
    * Being too eager to reach BBS, resulting in nicks and shave-rash.
    I’m sure there are lots more, just my two cents.

  4. Body shaving with DE.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try shaving with a straight, but there seems to be a lot of things that go along with buying one.
    Strops, honing, stones… a video for a beginning SE shaver would be great.

  6. bsmyn0708 says:

    You haven’t done videos on Method Shaving in a VERY long time. You also haven’t done any videos on shaving soaps vs. creams, other than Mitchell’s Wool Fat, but that wasn’t really about the soap, per se. It was more about how to use it.

    Maybe some video updates on some of the new formulations from companies like T&H, AoS, Proraso, Geo . F Trumper etc…

    I personally like the one I just suggested above. I think it’s a much better idea and it should shed some light on why their product have been reformulated or if they’re up to par with the original formulas.


    A video on preshave methods. We haven’t seen this sort of thing from you. You could test out different preshave oils and creams and see which are the best or do a video on the different brand of moisturizers.

    By the way, will you be filming a new high-end shave anytime soon? It’s been a long time since your last video on a high-end shave.

  7. Walter W. says:

    Differences between blade coatings : platinum, chrome, teflon…

  8. Sam Siegel says:

    This head that head. Above the tie razors and Ikon
    razors. Everyone says this head aggressive this one is
    mild. Need reviews on these razors and their different
    head set ups.

    • Shave Dude says:

      I can speak for the Ikon Bamboo 2 piece….the open comb side is moderately aggressive: the closed comb side is mild enough that you can use very aggressive shaving tactics with it…blade buffing against the grain, for example. Awesome razor, worth every penny.

  9. Ted Pettinicchi (TAP119 on B & B) says:

    Please make a video on how to trim/care for a goatee or beard. I use a Norelco trimmer with the 9 level adjustable comb and it’s just okay. It’s fine for keeping the goatee short but I’m growing it a little longer.


    • Hey Ted,

      Have you seen the Goatee Saver product? At first glance it may seem a bit silly, but it’s actually a great idea, imo. I don’t currently have a goatee, but I strongly considered purchasing one a few years ago when I did.

  10. How about a video on the proper care, cleaning and sanitizing of DE razors and straight edge razors?


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