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I recently contributed to a “crowdfunding” project on Indiegogo, “Dave’s Shower Shave.” It works kind of like a shave stick: its a puck of shaving soap in a holder (with a little mirror on it), specifically made to be used for shaving in the shower.   Unfortunately the project never got to be fully-funded but it continues to be sold on a small-scale through a website,

Three scents are available: Spruce Jojoba, Mandarin Mint, and Sage Bergamot.  As you might suspect, Spruce Jojoba is a woody scent, Mandarin Mint is predominantly citrus, and Sage Bergamot is herbal to my nose.  It is low-lathering (just rub it on your wet face and massage it in with your fingers) though it seems to be brush-friendly too.  I normally don’t shave in the shower so when I do I don’t tempt fate with a DE. Instead I use a Sensor-compatible two blade razor.  I don’t try for “baby’s butt smooth” either but I can get a fine 1.5 pass shave with Dave’s.  It’s nice.  Take a look at this if you shave in the shower.

Ingredients (paraphrased): saponified oils of olive, palm, coconut; shea butter, kaotin clay, tea tree oil.

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  1. Mike H. says

    Quick update on this product. I have almost completely used one “square” of this product in about 2 months. I shave in the shower full time now. I love this product; HOWEVER, it’s a waste and bad for the environment to not sell refill squares. I now have to order the soap and the plastic box and toss the old one out. Customer service is horrible as I have attempted to contact them three times. I wish they sold the soap by itself. I will look at other soap artisans now.

    • Carey with Dave's says

      Hi Mike! My name is Carey and I work at Dave’s Shower Shave. I was working through the internet and saw this posting. First off, our plastic is made of recycled plastics and we encourage recycling of the casing when your soap is finished. We at Dave’s feel bad about your comment on “customer service is horrible.” Dave is old and forgetful and sometimes does not respond to emails as quickly as he should! Feel free to call us at 855-838-2525 and let us know what we can do to help you. Also, if you would like to send us your mailing address we would love to send you some samples of new soap formulations and would value your feedback!

  2. Joe Wolf says

    Yeah man, water is everywhere, why I just had to pump out 2 inches of water out of my basement. Would I pay for something that I stick in my shower just to have it fall off 3 days later, why hell yeah cause I am stupid.

  3. Dave Johnson says

    I shave in the shower. There is plenty of water on the earth, floods every day. I have no problem with long showers, drinking beer in the shower, or singing. Let’s face it if more of us spent more time in the shower maybe there would be less crime. Easy up on the water saving, let the spigot flow. As for this product, Irish Spring is a whole lot cheaper and works just as well. For those of you who want to spend on this thing, crowd source me some of that jank.

  4. says

    I would have to agree with Dean. I shave my head in the shower and I wouldn’t be able to do it with that small mirror; I would also prefer using my favorite shaving gel or shaving soap. Cool idea but I just can’t see it really taking off for anything but a travel tool.

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