Mantic59’s Shave of the Week (+Taconic)

Once in a while a shave stands out.  Everything just sort of lines up the right way, even using products that work well by themselves and I use often.  Like taking a walk on an unexpectedly beautiful, sunny day where all seems right with the world.  My “shave of the week” included a Bakelite Slant, Crabtree & Evelyn brush, Taconic shave cream, Ursa Major toner, and Taconic aftershave balm.  I’ve previously talked about the Bakelite Slant; let me concentrate on Taconic for a moment.


The Taconic Eucalyptus & Mint Shaving Cream is aiming for the face-cooling crowd but doesn’t shove your face in a bucket of ice water like some other creams and soaps.  It goes more for a lingering cooling sensation.  The cream itself is “runnier” or “looser” than many other creams, and it’s easy to over-load your brush.  And–for me and my hard water anyway–it takes a little longer than normal to properly hydrate and build lather.  But after it gets going the lather is nicely lubricating and cushioning.  In fact I think it “cooks” well in the center of the shaving brush so the lather in successive passes is even better.

But the real gem is the Taconic After Shave Balm.  I was lucky enough to be part of the testing group when it was under development.  I wanted to publicly “sing its praises” but I had to keep my big mouth shut until it finally became available, which was only very recently. I think this is good stuff: nicely calming and moisturizing without being greasy, lays down a pleasant matte finish, and it lasts the day.  It’s unscented so it doesn’t get in the way of anything else I might be wearing.

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  1. Erich Zimmerman says:

    Thank you for the review. I have recently entered the world of DE shaving and the Taconic Tequila Lime was the second cream that I tried. I really like the scent and cushion that it provides. I find that many people don’t know anything about this product. I found it interesting though that you found this cream to be looser than other creams. My tub of lime was exactly the opposite. It’s a bit ‘thick.” That combined with the rather small opening on the tub make it a little but more of a challenge to load your brush, particularly if your brush is large.

  2. You’re really loving that bakelite slant huh? Man I thought the DLC effectively crushed my RAD. You devil you… Wanna give that balm a whirl too….Thanks Mantic.

    • mantic59 mantic59 says:

      Good luck finding a bakelite slant. Italianbarber is out of them as far as I know. You might find one on a buy/sell/trade post on the shaving forums though.

  3. Taconic also produces a great shampoo-bars. One thing I regret that they don’t have it a web-site!)

  4. Kenny Haberman says:

    Sounds like something I would love to try. It’s warming up here in Los Angeles, so I used my Proraso (new formula) today! Prices seem reasonable for the Taconic.

    One question: when I face lather soap or cream, I don’t lose any hairs from my brush. When I scuttle lather the same products, I always lose at least 2-3 hairs. I don’t think I’m using any different pressure. What gives?

    • mantic59 mantic59 says:

      Good question regarding the brush hairs, I’m not sure off hand. Do you use different motions (like painting motions with face lathering vs. circular motions with scuttle lathering)?

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