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If you are using Google Reader to follow Sharpologist, you are may be a little freaked out right now.  I know I am–I’ve been using Reader to follow my RSS subscriptions for years. Here are a few articles I have come across about alternatives that you might be interested in:


Washington Post

USA Today






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  1. Since I use Google Reader to follow the Sharpologist, I’ve been researching alternatives since the announcement of its demise was made. Lifehacker did a poll and found that the vast majority of those responding chose Feedly as their replacement readers (from a list of five alternatives.

    I have switched to Feedly already. The interface is more consistent with Reader, and Feedly makes importing existing newsgroups painless and automatic if you act before the shut-down. You can still access Reader until that fatal day if you want.

    • mantic59 mantic59 says:

      Feedly’s seamless migration is tempting but I see it is only available ‘on the web’ if you download a chrome or firefox extension. I’d prefer something I can access from the broadest array of browsers (in case I don’t have my own hardware available). I’m looking at Netvibes and The Old Reader. I’ll have to make a decision soon. :(

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