Bison's Front Pocket Wallet (+ Giveaway & Discount!)

Bison Front Pocket Wallet

Recently Matt of Razor Emporium turned me on to Bison, a high-end leather products site.  They have some really interesting products, including straight razor strops (I thought strops were either two inches wide or three inches wide, but their strops are 2.5 inches!).  Another wet shaving site got “dibs” on reviewing the strops but they asked me if I might be interested in looking at one of their other products.

I like to use wallets made for the front pocket, particularly when I travel: they are a less tempting target for those who might have nefarious plans in crowded public places.  I saw that Bison had a front pocket wallet that looked different than the others I’ve seen so I grabbed one.

Most front pocket wallets are almost the same size as standard wallets, although most have a “rounded” side that is designed to fit the shape of a front pocket of dress slacks.  This design usually works for the roomier size of a dress trouser or even a more casual “Docker” style cotton chino. Unfortunately they can make an unsightly bulge in more tightly-fitting clothes.

Front Pocket Wallets

Bison’s front pocket wallet takes a different approach.  Smaller and simpler–“minimalistic” comes to my mind.  It’s definitely not designed to hold everything.  Rather I think they’re aiming for someone going “out on the town” with some cash, an ID, and maybe a credit card.

And “minimalistic” can look good too!  The Bison front pocket wallet is hand-made and high quality.  The leather is thick–but not too thick–with a quality stitching that I don’t think is going to fray anytime soon, even with heavy use.  There are no plastics or glues used.

In use it even worked well when I wear blue jeans.  It’s unobtrusive but easy to get out of the pocket and convenient to use.

Want to try one for yourself?  Through the courtesy of Bison, Sharpologist is giving away one front pocket wallet.  Just reply to this post expressing your interest (you must be a registered Sharpologist user with a valid email address.  One entry comment only please.  Comment by 11:59pm (Central Time) on Friday, October 19, 2012.  Winner will be selected randomly.

EDIT: Because of the response to this post Bison is offering Sharpologist readers a 20% discount off any of their products!  Offer good from October 19, 2012 to November 18, 2012.  Use coupon code sharpologist-2012 at check out.

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  1. Dr. K says

    Is that a Bison in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?!

    I’m a big fan of front pocket wallet wearing, especially in crowded settings. Though I usually just transfer my usual back pocket wallet to the front. This would be a nice approach. Please sign me up!

  2. David Hassler says

    I’ve been a big front-pocket wallet guy for a long time. The current one is getting worn out, and looks positively big compared to this one. I would definitely be interested in giving this one a go.

  3. JonS says

    I’ve used front pocket wallets for years and my current one is on it’s last legs. I’ve been shopping for a new one and this couldn’t come at a better time.

  4. MrMoonbeam says

    Sounds like an interesting product. I always carry mine in front regardless. Time to look at their site for more.

  5. azwetshaver says

    I would love to try one of these front pocket wallets. I have always carried my wallet in my rear pockets and an episode of Seinfeld comes to mind when I think about my wallet.

  6. xjrob85 says

    Those wallets look fantastic!
    I would definitely be interested in the giveaway.
    Thanks for such a generous offer!


  7. SkepticalJ says

    I’m definitely interested: I’ve just been carrying mine around in the front pocket for as long as I can remember.

  8. JRM says

    I currently use another minimalist front-pocket wallet, the HuMn wallet, but it’s sometimes tricky getting cards in and out.

    I’m definitely interested in a less geeky, more elegant alternative.

  9. Joe says

    I have carried my wallet in my front pocket since high school. But I did not even know that special wallets were made for that purpose. Please count me in!


  10. gillic21 says

    I’d like to be entered into the contest. I normally put my wallet in the front pocket anyways, but I’d like to try another one.

  11. dajohn17 says

    Looks like a great way to carry my cards without the bulky buldge of a back pocket wallet, I’m in! +1 entry.

  12. Nick P. says

    Wouldn’t mind winning a new wallet, I’ve been needing one for a month or so and can’t decide. No better way than to let the decision be made for me.

  13. LarryRN says

    I’d like one. Last time I was in Chicago at Garrett’s Popcorn (YUM), I was the”Mark” target of a pick pocket. I felt his finger go into my back pocket, and I took him to the ground and about broke his arm. Don’t want to do that again.

  14. Todd @ Fearless Men says

    I’ve been using a thin wallet (in my back pocket) for years. I’d love to have a new one, and one gifted from Bison sounds like an exceptional upgrade!

  15. Nathan Zimmerman says

    Since I favor Levi’s, this Bison wallet would be perfect for me. Besides, I live in Buffalo…how Karmic is that?

  16. Moscount says

    A front wallet would be great. I currently carry my cash crumpled up with my credit card and receipts in my jean pockets.

  17. Ankush says

    I’ve always been meaning to look into these — my wallet is way too fat right now and I don’t even have any cash to put in it!

  18. A11eyg8tor says

    Front pocket wallets are the way to go. My daughter and I have been making duct tape wallets for fun. It would be nice to have one for a “night out.”

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