Shaving "Burlesque" – 38 Brushes and Razors To Tease You With


This is often called “shave porn” but someone mentioned to me that it’s more like “teasing” so it should be called “shave burlesque” instead.  I’ve had a few good conversations going on Reddit about some of the shaving products I own (herehere and here) and I realized it could also start a good discussion on Sharpologist.   So here I present a consolidated view of most of my shaving “hardware” inventory:

Partial Brush Inventory

From left to right: Beauty Strokes H.I.S Shaving Brush, no-name synthetic, Parker Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush, The Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush, Muhle Synthetic, Van der Hagen Natural Shave Brush, Omega Shaving Pro 48 Boar Bristle Brush, men-u “Pure Bristle” Shaving Brush, Vie-Long Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Metal/Wooden Handle, Vie-Long Badger And Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Badger Brush, 3-Ounce, Col. Conk Pure Badger Shave Brush, Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush, QED/Saville Row super badger (no longer in production), Shaveplace silvertip, New Forest silvertip, Rooney Fine (limited edition, “SMF-III”), Shavemac “Variable Loft Brush” (no longer in production).

You’re more interested in razors? OK:


Top, left to right: Parker 90R, Lord Safety Razor Model LP1822L aka L6 (mild, decent razor for the money), Weber, my other ’90R, NY Shaving Co. “Stout” (I like the handle but the razor is too aggressive for me), Muhle R41, Schick Injector clone.

Bottom, left to right: Goodfella (relatively mild–particularly for an open-comb razor–but gives me a good shave though the handle is a bit short for me), Wilkinson plastic DE, Merkur 37C Slant Bar, Merkur Vision, no-name imported TTO (from Vermont Country Store catalog), Classic Shaving Cobra Classic.

But here are the tools I use most:

The Regular Rotation

This is my usual rotation. On the razor stand (4 o’clock, clockwise): Merkur Progress, Parker 92R, WeishiMerkur Heavy Duty. The Progress gets the most use by far. I’ll use one of the others when I get a wild hair or if I’m testing something specific (though the Parker has been getting more face time than the Weishi or the HD lately). The brushes (left to right): Shaveplace “Havanna,” Simpson’s limited edition Rover, Crabtree & Evelyn Best Badger (actually an Edwin Jagger). Out of the three I probably use the Shaveplace brush most: that $40 brush just seems to have the right combination of handle size and brush performance to work with just about anything I throw at it (for me. YMMV). I also quite like the Rover for creams particularly but it works fine with soaps too. I use the C&E as a “baseline” when I’m testing products.

[Edits/corrections: I originally said the NY Shaving Co. razor was out of production but I was wrong.  I have corrected the text and added a link.  The original Slant ID and link didn’t match–I’ve corrected it in the text.]

Do you have a large shaving “stable?”  What product(s) in your inventory do you like most?

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  1. waltz says

    P.S. regarding images…
    My opinion is that I often find more offensive people bad bahaviors than sexy images, but I also respect other point of view..
    Sensitivity to such things has to do with the religious and cultural background, with the way one was raised …

  2. waltz says

    Hi all !
    Maybe with some delay wrt original post I add my horses in appearing order:
    – Merkur Progress; Merkur Futur;Gillette Super Adjustable; Gillette Fatboy; Gillette Slim; Merkur 34 C HD; EJ89BL; Merkur 37 C “slant”
    After playing around with the adjustables I realized that what counts is the “handle”, i.e. the technique so I went back to fixed razors to finally land on 37C on which I’m focusing these days, trying to transform it in my daily razor.
    Regarding brushes, nothing special: a couple of Omega, low cost brush that can be found in the store here in Milan and Proraso soap

  3. mantic59 says

    The “upper” razor holder photo is a test tube holder. The smaller razor holder in the “bottom” photo is a tooth brush holder.

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