Spencer & Devon Shave Cream

Spencer & Devon

If you’re a traditional wet shaver and you wander around the web like I do you may have seen the Spencer & Devon ads.  I got some a while back and have been using it on and off for a while now.  The verdict?  I like it.  It lathers easily and generously, provides excellent lubrication and cushion, and the scents are unusual but pleasant (though of course YMMV when it comes to smell). 

There are three versions, Unscented (and hypoallergenic), Spice, and Sagebrush:

Spice is described as “cinnamon, bergamot and mandarin essential oils” but I get mostly a mandarin orange note off it (almost a tangerine), more “tart” than “sweet.”

Sagebrush is my favorite.  It’s described as “sage, cedarwood and pine needle essential oils” and the “woody” notes are unmistakable.  This is one of the very few shave products I’ve used that actually evoke a “scene” with me: every time I use it I imagine I’m on horseback riding the back country of the western US.  My wife likes this scent as well.  It smells relatively strong in the tub to me but mellows nicely when lathered.

I consider the Spencer & Devon shave creams to be competitive with other top-shelf shave creams in terms of performance: they’ve taken the classic formulas and put a modern twist on them.

General Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Salicylic Acid (bump reducer and anti-irritant)
  • Olive and Avocado Oil
  • botanical extracts

(I was a little worried when I read the ingredient list and saw Kaolin clay.  My skin is sensitive to Bentonite and its derivatives (like Kaolin), causing an unpleasant burning sensation.  But there can’t be a whole lot of it in the Spencer & Devon creams because it doesn’t bother me.)



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  1. Shave Dude says

    I want to try it, but at that premium price, I’m scared I might like it! For the price of 3 tubs, I could buy a new straight razor.

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