It's National Men's Health Week

Stay Healthy!

The week of June 11 is National Men’s Health Week in the U.S. so it seems appropriate for a site focused on men to mention it.

According to the Mayo Clinic the top threats to men’s health include:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Accidents
  4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases (such as bronchitis and emphysema)
  5. Stroke
  6. Type 2 diabetes
  7. Suicide

What can you do to reduce your risk of these threats?

  1. Get your blood pressure checked regularly.
  2. Get a prostate exam regularly
  3. Get a blood glucose test regularly
  4. If you’re over 50, get a colonoscopy (HERE is an article about my first one)
  5. Don’t smoke
  6. Maintain a healthy diet
  7. Maintain a healthy weight
  8. Limit alcohol

Stay aware of your health and you’ll enjoy shaving for many more years!

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  1. Cpt. Obv says

    While we’re on point, remember to eat cruciferous vegetables before or after shaving. Also, people have died from drinking too much water, but no one has ever died from applying too much lather.

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