Aside: The Mosquito Finally Gets The Elephant To Scratch?

From Fortune/CNN today: How long does a razor really last? Gillette comes clean

An interesting quote from the article: “Gillette’s market share losses also come as it battles a retro razor craze. Men’s publications have urged readers to pull out their grandfather’s old razors, which use a single, inexpensive razor blade.”



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  1. Ingo says

    Only 3-5 shaves out of a ProGlide cartridge?
    Honestly, I get 15 really good shaves out of a Mach3 cartridge and even I haven’t counted my shaves with the ProGlide – I can imagine that a ProGlide cartridge can last even longer.
    No, I’m not a Gillette or cartridge razor fanboy. I’m shaving with safety razors most of the time. I’m pretty sure that the usage of shaving soap/cream and a brush (better preperation and beard softening than with foam from the can) prolongs the lifespan of such a cartridge.
    5 weeks of daily shaving with one cartridge is really hard to believe, maybe true for a 15 year old boy with extra light beardgrowth.

  2. HeinzvonBiboo says

    The Gillette ProGlide lasts 5 weeks? That sounds hard to believe, unless he was only shaving once per week.

    • chanes says

      I only could get 3-5 “decent” shaves from a ProGlide. Then I was better off using a cheese grater. (cheaper too!) Now, I could see five weeks if a guy only shaves once a week.

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