Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Lather

Jack Black Supreme

A review for another Jack Black product, this cream is again an all-natural, vegan product. The tub it comes in says you can use it either with a brush or brushless, so of course I used a brush. It contains Macadamia Nut Oil, Soybean Oil, and Glycerin for a close yet comfortable shave. It’s fragrance free, which is good if you’re sensitive to certain smells.

At first lather, it didn’t seem to be lathering very well. I discovered my Escali brush was a tad dry, and after a literal drop of water, it created a luxurious lather. Now, I only make 2 passes with the grain, but with the Supreme Cream I was able to go against the grain on my throat (A real problem area for me) and get the refugee hairs that were staying on.

Now, I’m more for say, soaps, but Jack Black has converted me to use creams as well, and as I discovered, a Beard Lube prep, and a mixture of Jack Black Supreme Cream and Proraso Super Sensitive Skin shave soap makes for an amazing shave. And with Jack Black, just a dip of the brush into the cream is all it takes. An 8 .oz tub like the one the company sent me should last well over six months.

This is one to get. I’m now a Jack Black fan.

For more info on Jack Black products, and their entire men’s care line, visit www.getjackblack.com


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    I’m a fan of the Jack Black Supreme Cream. It is one of my personal Top 5 Creams. I’m not very good at describing scents; it has a slightly medicinal scent, in my opinion, but not off putting. In my experience, it performs best with a lower water ratio than most other creams I own. My wife found it for me at a local Sephora store, and I have reordered it online. I’ve found the 8 oz. tub to last more than a year in my weekly rotation.

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