Holiday Review: What Did You Get?

What did you get for the Holidays?

The big gift-giving season has now passed so now may be a good time to review and discuss your shaving-related presents!  You may have received items you are unfamiliar with from well-meaning family and friends so here is your opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with each other.  What did you receive? Have you tried them yet? What do you think of them?

For myself, I received several shaving-related gifts.  First is a Schrade-Walden straight razor:


I am unfamiliar with this brand so I am going to send it to Lynn Abrams at Straight Razor Designs for examination and sharpening.

Next is a vintage Gibbs, “new old stock” French military DE razor set.  I found a reference to this on one of the Badger and Blade shave forum and it sounds like it is a pretty good razor!  I will be trying it soon.

Gibbs DE

Finally I received a sample pack of Dermalogica shaving products: scrub, pre-shave, balm, etc.  I am unfamiliar with the brand but my wife says the brand is good!

I’ll be posting more in-depth reviews of these products after I have used them for a while.

Meanwhile…what shaving stuff did YOU get?

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  1. alex says


    i received a bluebeards preshave oil, a trumpers sb4 brush and almond shaving cream. such a luxurious shave with my mercur hd and wilkinson sword blade (already had these)

  2. MadRat says

    I got a 1920 Gillette, single ring, 3 piece razor that belonged to one of my friend’s uncles (who died recently). I think I must have a really wirey beard (I’m a redhead) because I can’t get a close shave unless I use brushless creams. So far I’ve only tried Rise and two Allbas. I figure if I stood in the store and hold Burt’s Bees or Kiss My Face while standing next to my wife and say, “Oh look! It’s brushless cream! I REALLY use a lot of brushless cream! I adore shaving and I’d REALLY love to have some! Woops! I forgot. I’m flat broke! I guess I’ll have to wait until after the first of the year to get new shaving cream! Sure am looking forward to getting it! I’ll bet this stuff is the best!” it might be obvious this is a good gift to get me. So what do I get for Christmas? Socks. Seriously.

  3. Greg says

    AoS Pre-shave oil (unscented)
    AoS Shaving Cream (Lavender) – about to go use it for the first time!

    $8 – rusty Oxford straight razor at a farmers market. First restoration project underway :)

  4. Michael Kennedy says

    Got my first DE from my hot wife. It’s a Merkur Progress. I also got a starter kit from YAOS. Of course I had to get myself a good silvertip brush to go with my razor. That was a Christmas gift to myself. On my 4th shave so far, and I’m lovin’ it. Can’t believe a chore has changed to something I look forward to do. Thanks for all the advice!

  5. Anthony Ramirez says

    Got myself the new Muhle R41 open comb razor with the new 2011 head design. Took my first shave with it this morning. They were not joking when they said this is a very aggressive razor. Forced me to focus on my technique of going slow and using as little pressure as possible. Great razor though.

  6. says

    Received several packs of blades (Feather, Astra, and a no name pack), a Bluebeard’s Revenge shavette, a tortoiseshell brush stand and a puck of D R Harris Marlborough soap. The shavette is quite impressive, and the no name blade (will let you know what it is when I find out) seemed a really great match. have yet to use the Harris, waiting on the Tabac soap to run out. (about 5 more shaves or so)

  7. Jon W says

    Got a Merkur 180, AoS full sized set.

    A little over a week now with the DE razor so I’m still learning my technique. However, I am loving the shaves it gives.

    I’ve got my kit completed, now it is on to the search for the perfect shave.

  8. says

    My lovely wife got me a 2 oz New York Shaving Co. Elizabeth Street Shave Cream, four 1 oz The Shave Den shaving soaps, a 6.4 oz tub of Eshu Skin Assist Shave Cream, and a 1968 Lady Gillette DE razor (lol). My brother-in-law (whom I’ve converted to wet shaving) got me a 1974 3-piece Gillette DE travel razor.

    The Elizabeth Street shave cream is fantastic! Great scent, excellent lather, and smooth shaving.

    I’ve never heard of the Eshu shave cream, it’s Australian. It has a light scent, which smells a bit odd to me, but is not unpleasant. Haven’t used it yet, but the test lather was very good.

    The Shave Den shaving soaps lather very well and the four scents that my wife chose are all very nice: A&F Woods, Subzero, Orange, and Coconut Lime Verbena.

    I haven’t used either of the DE razors yet, but I’m looking forward to it after I’ve made sure they’re properly sterilized.

    I gifted my brother-in-law with a 5 oz tub of RazoRock XXX shave cream and a Bluebird Syntec Shave Brush.

    I gifted 3 of my friends with Wet Shaving starter kits (Lord L6 DE razor, The Body Shop shave brush, 10 ct Personna blades, and 5 oz soap/cream sampler from my existing stock (J.M. Fraser, RazoRock Fresco, Acca Kappa 1869, Jack Black Supreme Cream, and VDH Deluxe Soap)).

  9. says

    Grandpa gave me his old safety razor he used to use. 1966 Gillette Tech. Pretty neat to get a family heirloom and a vintage razor at the same time.

    Pack of 100 Red Personna’s.

    Also recieved some aftershaves. Brut (stocking stuffer), TOBS Mr. Taylor’s splash, and DR Harris Arlington Splash. I’ve already given you my opinion of the Arlington via Twitter. It feels and smells great! Same goes for the others.

  10. says

    I didn’t get a whole lot for Christmas this year. A small part of that was just plain economics, but I really didn’t ask for a whole lot. I asked for a package of handkerchiefs from Kohl’s, which my lovely wife got for me. I don’t know who was more excited, me for getting them or her for wanting to get them for me. :)

    I also asked for a couple of specific products from the Jack Black line: Industrial Strength Hand Healer lotion and Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. What I ended up getting is the Jack Black Jet Set Traverler which included the moisturizer, face cleanser, and shave cream, all for $5.00 more than the tube of moisturizer alone. These all came from Ulta in town.

    I also will be the recipient of a 10-pen case/box from Levenger, if it ever gets off of backorder.

    Since I didn’t get the hand lotion that I wanted, I ordered myself a tube of the Jack Black and a tube of the Billy Jealousy Golden Gloves Theraputic Hand Cream so that I could try them both. Part of the desire was for a good lotion that doesn’t smell like the perfume counter at the department store. SO far, the score is pretty well tied. Both are excellent for my needs.

    Happy new year!

  11. Ian says

    I got some unscented pre-shave oil from The Art of Shaving and a tube of Taylor of Old Bond Street lemon lime shaving cream. I’ve used them for about six shaves, and I really enjoy them. The cream smells wondeful and makes a great lather, and using them both has made my shaves extremely close and comfortable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their shaves.

  12. James says

    My wife bought me a mens sample pack from a place called Keihls with some shave cream and other skin care products. I had never heard of the brand before but she loves it. I’m curious to see how the products will work.
    Plus she got me a kindle fire which I am loving. :)

    • mantic59 says

      I have never tried Keihls personally but from what I have read it has a decent reputation. I’ll be interest to hear your opinion of it after you have used it for a while.

    • says

      Congratulations on the Kindle! Lucky man, right there!

      I only have some of Kiehl’s “Creme de Corps” body lotion, and am kind of “meh” about it, especially for the high price of $17 for 4.2 oz. They have a decent reputation, though.

  13. Michael Kennedy says

    OK Mantic, I just have to brag a little. I just finished shave number 5 with my Merkur Progress that my wife got me for Christmas, along with my AoS products, and I completed my very first BBS shave without a nic! I’m so proud! Thanks for all the great advice. I’d be bleeding like a stuck pig without it! You’re the man!

  14. Sam Duran says

    My Christmas gifts from my wife came with strings attached…STOP buying products for a while! Anyways, this is what I got:

    -1940’s gold Gillette Milady (It’s just a short Milord)
    -Taylor’s Sandalwood shaving cream
    -Omega boar (#10777 red and clear handle)
    -7 O’Clock Sharp Edge Yellows ( I just discovered these. I love em!)
    -Personna Prep blades (My Red Tip shines with these blades)
    -1909 Gillette ABC razor handle with a Tech head (My wife was excited to find this at the local antique shop, I married a New Standard head to the ABC handle and it’s been working just fine)

    Not a bad start to the year!

  15. Chuck says

    Hi Mantic,

    Just had to say thank you for all of your terrific instructional videos. I am 2 months into the world of wet shaving with a safety razor and your videos have helped me tremedeously. I used to hate shaving and would only shave about once a week or even longer. Now I love it and shave every other day.

    For Christmas I got a Merkur Futur and the Van Der Hagen Luxury shave set. They have been great so far. I started with an old Gilette Super Speed a friend gave to me and the Van Der Hagen Premium shave set that you fetaured in three of your videos.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year.

  16. says

    I got my first DE razor from my wife. She makes handcrafted soap and I had convinced her to make a shaving soap. I have been testing it out, so I have a good supply. What I need to do is make molds for her so she can start to market it… details, details…lol

  17. Manson says

    I got a hand me down straight razor from my cousin. It is a dovo and it needs some TLC. Does anyone know a good place to get it sharpened? I live in Canada and would like to get it done up here. I’ve found a few places online but was wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks in advance.
    I also got some cella shave cream, razo rock soap/cream, and some nostalgia cologne from Santa Maria Novella. I love all of these products but I’d have to say the nostalgia is my favourite. Its the most unique scent I’ve come across and highly recommend it. When you first put it on you think you might be in for trouble but it mellows out nicely.
    Happy New Year to all!

  18. says

    My wife and her mother gave me some straight and DE razors.
    These aren’t just any razors either.

    They are the razors of my wife’s grandfather and great grandfather.

    They gave me three three piece DE razors. A butterfly razor. A Gem razor. And two straight razors. I am pretty sure they are all from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

    They are in old “attic” condition. So now I get to (not have to, get to) do a restoration on them.


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