Aside: Suggestions On How To Cope With Anticipatory Anxiety?


Last night I found out that the event I will be speaking at in Chicago next week has sold out, with 300 reservations made.  I was also told that I will be the “headliner,” speaking at 7:45pm.  It’s shaping up to be quite the event.

My presentation in Milwaukee still has a few seats left, last I heard, so if you act quickly you may be able to get in on that.  That is going to be a terrific event as well: different than Chicago, more intimate and in-depth.  I have a couple media interviews scheduled too!

I must say though that I’m becoming a nervous wreck over the events!  I hope I can meet everyone’s expectations.  I’ve spoken to small meetings before, presenting at professional conferences related to my job (not shaving), but nothing on this scale.  I asked Brett McKay from Art of Manliness, who has some experience speaking, for advice and he said “over-prepare.”

Do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. Steve Wieczorkowski says

    I was at the STAG barbershop event. It was a blast and I learned quite a bit. And I’ve been wetshaving for a year now! If you were nervous it certainly didn’t show. You did excellent. And in a room full of hipsters to boot! May every other event be as successful for you.

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