4 Easy Anti-Acne Tips

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There’s never a time when having acne is a “great” experience. So here are 4 tried and true tips that can keep your skin acne-free!

  1. Steer clear of overeating sushi (I know, I know…); because it’s raw, it can contain higher levels of bacteria.
  2. Sweat toxins out of your skin regularly in a sauna.
  3. Wash your pillow (as well as pillowcase) every few weeks. Microscopic bacteria love to settle in the pillow and can easily become trapped in the pores.
  4. Exfoliate.
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  1. Ole says

    Just to knock down the old myth of ” Foods “… There is absolutely no proof, that what you eat causes acne, it’s one of those myths, that has been floating around the world for way too long now.

    I often see a specialist, cause i have been dealing with very problematic skin, since 2003, for some reason.. Being that i have “Combination Skin” it is pure hell, to find good products, cause what works on my dry cheeks, will not work on other facial parts :( Example.: If i use anything for my dry cheeks on lets say my forehead, 3 hours later, my forehead will shine like a lamp!

    So since 2003, i have going through a lot of tests and products, but there is no “Easy” solution, it all depends on the individual, you just have to find out what works for YOU!

    • says

      Martin, that’s a great point! Everytime a person shaves the skin an exfoliation of that particular area occurs. So yes, following with an exfoliation regimen afterwards will only irritate the shaved area. However, since exfoliation of the skin aids in the removal of dead skin so younger skin can reach the surface, you must be mindful to not neglect other areas of the face that aren’t getting shaved on a regular basis and are prone to acne, such as: the forehead, nose and rest of the face. Hope that clarifies my point, and thanks for the feedback! 

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