Video: Vegas, Baby…VEGAS! And, Oh Yeah, A Shave

Yes, earlier this month my wife and I were in Las Vegas again!  This time we stayed at the Wynn and I was lucky enough to get another “spa” shave.  With their permission I was able to videotape it and post the highlights.  Admittedly it is a long video–longer than any other single video I’ve done–but now most of the major video streaming sites (or at least Youtube and Blip) support long-form videos, and I wanted to give you an idea of what goes on during one of these luxury “spa” shaves.  It really is meant to be a pampering experience!  And the Wynn, a five diamond, five star resort, knows all about luxury, pampering, and customer service (here is a link to their “Salon” services webpage).  Michael Bertetto, my contact at Wynn who helped me get the necessary permissions to shoot the video, even gave me a DVD of video segments (“B-Roll”) that I could use in my video if I wanted (and indeed, I did use some footage at the beginning and at the end of my video).

I asked the barber (“DT”) to give a running narrative of what he was doing and I also asked a few questions about shaving problems and technique.

By the way, one of the shops in the hotel carries Truefitt & Hill and Penhaligon’s products.

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  1. Anonymous says

    So do you recommend straight edge feather blades like the barber used on yourself? I wanna move´╗┐ to these blades from DEs – I absolutely love them!! Any thoughts?

  2. Cormia Design says

    Hi Mantic,

    I like this video, well done.

    I watch all of your video since I found you two years ago. But never left a comment, it's my first one.

  3. Anonymous says

    I wish I had this much time for a relaxing shave every other day. Or even better, if I could afford a personal barber like this guy. Jumping back to DE shaving from multi-blade mayhem, the one thing I learnt is preparation is most important in a shave and this barber justified it. I will try it this year when I am in vegas!!!

  4. James J. Pirretti says

    Some things really surprised me. First, the lather looked so thin – but I am sure this is the product use. Second, the barber shaved over your skin a number of times with no lather on it.

  5. mantic59 says

    Brian – I think the razor angle may be a visual quirk of the way the video camera was placed. I don't think he really used that angle otherwise my face would have been red at a beet.

    Anon – They run about $65. I think he used a Shavette but I'm not sure.

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