Advocacy: I Hate Shaving!

Every now and then I enter the phrase “I hate shaving” into Google (the actual search parameter is “i hate shaving” -legs) and look at the results for the past week or so.  The results are illuminating…and furtile ground for some raging shaving advocate like me to respond to blog entries or forum posts.  What have you done to advocate traditional shaving?

Advice: Loading Cream Onto The Brush

Preston writes:

What do you find is the best way to use shaving cream? Do you use something to scoop it out of the container or just use to brush and get some on the bristles? Does one have an advantage over the other? Does one make the shaving cream last long? I am using Taylors shave cream.

When I first started shaving traditionally I would scoop out some cream with a tongue depressor, a plastic knife, a plastic knife, a plastic knife, or even my finger. I thought dipping the brush into the tub of cream would make the cream all “soupy” and thin it out. But eventually I tried dipping my brush directly into the tub and it worked fine. I have been doing that ever since. If I’m using a tube instead of a tub I just squeeze some cream directly onto the brush.

Advice: Shaving Mug Lathering

Matt writes:

I have a question about mug lathering. I recently got my first shaving mug. I am able to get a good lather, but when I put the lather on my face I don’t get as good coverage as I do when I face lather. When lathering, I use the brush to bring down the lather that has risen to the top of the mug walls. I try to get the lather in the middle of the brush, but I’m just not getting enough of the lather on my face. Usually when I face lather, the lather stays towards the tips of the brush and I am able to get all the lather on my face. When I bowl lather, the lather gets on the sides of the brush too and I am unable to get the lather on the sides of the brush on my face. I want to figure this out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

It’s hard to tell from the description what the problem with mug lathering might be. There are a lot of variables (type of brush, hard/soft water, how long you’re lathering, etc.) but my best guess is you might need to load the brush a bit more than you’re doing now. You also might try “the upside down lathering trick” –

Matt replies:

I’ve never heard of loading the brush upside down before. I just watched the video. It makes sense that I would get more doing it upside down. I just tried it, and I was able to get more lather from it! Also, I’ve seen on your videos plus other people that after you massage the lather into your face, you do a kind of paintbrush motion to get more from it. I had never tried that before, so I did just now, and that worked really well too! Those two things together made it go a lot better.

Video: Vegas, Baby…VEGAS! And, Oh Yeah, A Shave

Yes, earlier this month my wife and I were in Las Vegas again!  This time we stayed at the Wynn and I was lucky enough to get another “spa” shave.  With their permission I was able to videotape it and post the highlights.  Admittedly it is a long video–longer than any other single video I’ve done–but now most of the major video streaming sites (or at least Youtube and Blip) support long-form videos, and I wanted to give you an idea of what goes on during one of these luxury “spa” shaves.  It really is meant to be a pampering experience!  And the Wynn, a five diamond, five star resort, knows all about luxury, pampering, and customer service (here is a link to their “Salon” services webpage).  Michael Bertetto, my contact at Wynn who helped me get the necessary permissions to shoot the video, even gave me a DVD of video segments (“B-Roll”) that I could use in my video if I wanted (and indeed, I did use some footage at the beginning and at the end of my video).

I asked the barber (“DT”) to give a running narrative of what he was doing and I also asked a few questions about shaving problems and technique.

By the way, one of the shops in the hotel carries Truefitt & Hill and Penhaligon’s products.

Misc: 9000 Subscribers And Counting

I just passed 9000 subscribers on YouTube, so the countdown begins towards the 10,000 milestone.  Socialblade predicts that will be around September so I have some time to think about what to for a milestone celebration.  Ideas?  A contest like I did for 5000 subscribers?  A big, massive give-away?  Mini give-away’s as the number gets closer?  Suggestions welcome!